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Ware Bears

Bring me that horizon
Jan 23, 2003
La Cantina is a Mexican-themed self-service buffet restaurant situated in the main building of Disney's Hotel Santa Fe.

A continental breakfast is included in your room price ~ and in the evening the all-you-can-eat buffet includes Tex-Mex.

Don't forget to check out Jose's Salad Truck and the 'petrol pump' drinks dispensers! ;)

Ware Bears

Bring me that horizon
Jan 23, 2003
I have copied from her original post a review by Anke dated 8th June 2007 :)

We really liked the dinner buffet at the hotel in La Cantina. I personally rate my dinner here above my Annette's Diner meal. The food was fresh and the different dishes were constantly replenished. A large food selection. The only thing I did not like is that you had to buy your drinks seperate (soda) at the bar. It was very easy to go back for seconds. I think we got a stamp or something on our hands so you could show the CM at the cash register that you had already paid for the buffet.

Fajitas station:


Our dessertplates:

The breakfast buffet was also good. The only differences with the GMFB that I noticed were the absence of fruitcups and honey at the Santa Fe. We had a breakfast time of 10:00 at the hotel, but had no problem when we showed up at around 09:30. There was no line and a lot of vacant tables.

The original post is here. Thank you Anke. :goodvibes


Yoda Rules
Jun 28, 2006
This was the very first place we ever ate food at DLP.........and from what i can remember it really wasnt good at all. I cant remember what the food tasted like, i hardly had a bite..........the area was so filthy that we never even returned for our free breakfast for the remainder of the trip.

We are going back in september so hopefully it wont be the same, will try and take a lot of piccies too. Will also do some high definition video recording of the hotel too.
  • Dimplenose

    Stranger from the outside
    Apr 2, 2002
    We enjoyed eating here - a good variety of food for my fussy family but not a lot of Mexican food available. I thought I'd add a picture of my meal from the buffet (Feb 2007).



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    Jul 17, 2005
    This was our first meal at DLP and I wish it hadn't have been. The food was ok, slightly on the mediocre side. It wasn't bad, just kind of BLAH. They had a very basic starter table for salads, cheese, rolls etc. Mains were barbequed chicken (only legs and thighs), ribs, a fajita station, chicken nuggets, chips, chili, some pasta bolognese, egg fried rice and the dessert table.

    Here are some photos from our dinner:



    Drinks bar:


    My plate:

    The price is quite high, something like 23 euros for the buffet and one drink. We just think you'd get better value and better food elsewhere. I'd recommend going to the Plaza Gardens instead or anywhere else in the Disney Village. Or going to the bar at the Santa Fe which did wraps, snacks etc and they looked great and were all under 7 euros.


    Feb 5, 2010
    We ate here on the 17th March, using our free meal vouchers.

    We were staying at the Santa Fe and as I love Mexican food I thought we would give the buffet a go...big mistake!

    We booked at table for 6pm, but still had to queue in a very slow moving queue, which seemed to take forever to get through. Our meal vouchers covered the total cost of the meal, which I was glad about as I wouldn't be happy if I had to pay extra for this meal, because it was just not worth it.

    There was a reasonable selection of food, but mostly salad, veg, rice and pasta. There was the usually kids selection of chicken nuggets, chips and pizza. The only real mexcian thing I could find were fajhitas, which were really nice, so I do give them credit for them, but the rest of the meal was pretty much basic and normal. The ribs were all fatty with not alot of meat and the chilli con carnie was watery and not spicy. The pizza was unedible! They had put some really strong tasting cheese on it, which put us off eating it. The kids and Jaime had soup to start, which they ate, but to me it looked watery, though I didn't try it. The kids and Jaime ate the meatballs, which were ok and the potato dauphinoise (sp?) were good.

    There was a good selection for pudding and we did enjoy that at least. The coconut and chocolate tarts being the best out of the lot.....very yummy!!

    The kids weren't that interested in eating anyways, as all they wanted to do was play in the play area.

    I would have preferred to spend our meal vouchers somewhere else as I don't think we got our value for money here and came away disappointed with our meal.


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    Sep 10, 2009
    We ate here on Monday 7th October at 6pm. I had the adult buffet without drink as I had a cocktail and the kids had the kids buffet.

    The cocktail was the El Picante and was €8 and worth every penny! It was a melon kind of flavour - I had a pic of the drinks menu but we lost that camera.

    We headed in at 6pm and it was €45.87 with discount. It was a superb spread and very much so worth the money. All the food was hot, plentiful and very very nice.
    Heres what I can remember
    soup - Jem loved it.
    bread rolls
    salads - coleslaw (nice) cous cous (nice) fresh leaves, tomato, pasta salads, nachos, rice salads, potato salad, dressings cheeses (three choices), meats (salami, chicken and ham)
    Chicken wings
    Chicken for fajitas (plus peppers, lettuce, tortillas, salsa, guacamole etc)
    Turkey in a cream sauce (very nice)
    Baked, carved ham (very yum)
    Dauphinoise potatoes (a definite reason to return - fab!)
    Beef goulash
    Cod in a white sauce
    french beans
    two types of pasta and pasta sauces (bolognese and plain tomato)
    enchiladas (nice)
    chicken goujons - the proper ones, real breast meat and very tasty.
    cod nuggets
    chili con carne

    chocolate cake - yum
    raspberry coconut tart - yum
    creme caramel - yum! Ya can see I like sweets!!
    chocolate mousse
    almond tart
    Bavorois - yum!
    There were more but I'm at a loss! But take my word there was a massive selection of foods and it would easily suit even the pickiest of eaters. I would happily return and it is high on the list for our next holiday.
  • susannah365

    May 20, 2009
    we ate here one night last week. we didn't book, just walked up and were seated immediately. the food is acceptable, we all found enough to eat and i actually enjoyed the chicken fajitas and the puddings. it was a little expensive for what it was, but it was a quick dinner on a night we were tired!


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