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Jan 22, 2003
Does Kohls sent out scratch cards now? I haven't received any in several months.
They do the peel off through the mail. I think they still have scratch in the store.
My peel-off came in an envelope this time. It wasn't on a sale ad as it had been in the past. I almost missed seeing it.

I've been getting them regularly. The most recent was a peelie on the front of a sale ad, that one starts today. The most recent ended Sunday and we actually received 2 different peelies, both with a $5 off anything attached. The current peelie and one of the 2 last time were for the 30% discount.
I got the peel off in the mail a couple days ago.

On the peel off things it is a roll of the dice what you are going to get to take into the store. For online shopping, BUNNY30 is what you are going to want for 30% off. Tack on FREE4MVC to get free shipping.


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