Kindercare in room care Question?


DIS Veteran
Jan 28, 2000
I really would like to use Kindercare in room babysitting for 1 night while at Disney. It's our 10 yr. anniversary and we'd like to have dinner together without the kids. Our kids are 22 months and almost 5 at time of our trip. We are staying at WL.

Could anybody that has used this service give me positive or negative feedback regarding their service?


We have used them twice. The first time was fine, no problems, but we weren't thrilled with the babysitter. She didn't seem to speak alot of English and was very quiet. Our daughter said she had a good time with her, though, and she certainly was satisfactory.

The second time, the woman was very good with our daughter, who said she had a great time. We had her come about an hour early, so we could see how she interacted with DD. We were very comfortable with her, so we allowed her to take DD down to the Boardwalk while we were gone (we were staying at BWV). Very positive experience.

We will probably use Kindercare again when we go in a couple of weeks, and we will again have her come a bit early. I would suggest it, if you're at all unsure.

Thanks for the info! I probably will have the sitter come early, I'm usually a basketcase leaving my kids with my mother-inlaw!

I would do a search on this if I could, I know I used to always see these posts!


We had a good experience using Kindercare. We had 2 sitters for 4 kids - (1, 2, 2, 5) We shared the sitters for my sisters wedding. They were both great. They brought toys, games, and videos for each of the ages. I would use them again.


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