Mommy to Paul - 1lb 7oz wonder
Sep 23, 1999
DH love sushi, and I was thinking of taking him to Kimonos on our next trip. A few questions, though -

When are they open? Evenings only, or could we do lunch there one day? Also, how late do they stay open?

Do you need to make some sort of reservation, or do you just show up?

Is it someplace we could take the baby?

Any thoughts are appreciated!


Saw your post the other day and just came across the answer accidentally...

Kimonos is open from 5:30pm until midnight. I have never needed a reservation but the phone number is 407-934-1612 if you wanted to call them and varify avalability. It was a while ago when we were there, but from memory I would say that it would be suitable for you to bring an child to. I don't remember thinking that it would not be.


Feb 17, 2004
In december when we had lunch with our Imagineer two of our other guests were telling us about the great sushi here. I have always thought of this place as being more adult oriented and not tried it. We do truly love Palio. We have now decide next month to check it out since we love sushi (ds is 12 and adores it). If any other posters can give reviews we'd love to hear?



DIS Veteran
Dec 4, 2002
This is a 'must do' for us every trip. We've never made a PS for our dinners there, either. DH loves sushi (I don't eat it, but their tofu is fantastic!). The karaoke is hilarious. Last time I was there was the beginning of December '03, the Japanese sushi chef came out from behind his work station to sing a COUNTRY MUSIC CHRISTMAS SONG! Boy, was that a site to see! He did a phenomenal job! LOL

I've also seen children eating with their parents there.

Some pics:


DIS Veteran
Sep 27, 2003
We went in August. The sushi was great - very fresh. We brought DD, who was 7 at the time. She loves sushi, too.


Earning My Ears
Mar 24, 2004
Have you ever had the tempura asparagas (I'm sure there is some Japanese name for it) at Kimono's? It is sooooo good. I'm wondering if anyone has seen this at any of the other WDW resorts or parks? I'm dying to have some and we are still 8 weeks away!




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