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    I teach 4th grade in a Catholic school, and this year we've been asked to work in our classes with the theme of giving our time, talent, and treasure to help others. Immediately upon hearing this, I heard Pete's voice in my head and had an inspiration. I began thinking of ways that we could help GKTW. I pitched my idea to my principal, who enthusiastically gave her approval, and here is what I'm doing. The idea is for the kids to help other kids, not to hit their parents up for money. We have a bank in the classroom, and for a quarter, fifty cent, or one dollar donation, the kids can make a wish. I'm encouraging them to offer to do chores to earn their wish money or to take it from their allowances. On certain days, I will grant wishes. The wishes are things like - sit with a friend from another class at lunch, bring in a show and tell, write with purple pen for the day, sit at the teacher's desk - stuff 9 year olds love. When we've accumulated 10 dollar increments, whole class wishes will be granted - things like have a class outdoors, or play an extra game in math. I chose one student to be our "Wish Merchant", and she can't wait until she can start selling wishes tomorrow. Easy for me, but very motivating for them! We are also going to organize some larger scale fundraisers. Our first project is a used book sale. We will collect used kids' books and invite other grades to buy books to benefit GKTW. I launched it today by showing them the video from the GKTW website, and they are soooo excited to do this. I'm also thinking the "Power of 10" idea could make some good math lessons. I have no idea how much money we will raise - it won't be huge, but I know it will be meaningful, and it will definitely help spread the word. I'm not sure how to link this up with the Power of 10 total, but I'll check out the FirstGiving page. Wish me luck - I'll keep you posted!
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    This is awesome! I absolutely love it! Keep us informed. I've been looking for more ideas to do something like this with my kids and love what you've figured out here. :)
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    GREAT idea Trish! :cool1::cool1:

    As for getting the money to Power of 10, I have just sent checks payable to GKTW-Power of 10 and included a note stating how the money was raised and to please add it to the Power of 10 Challenge total. I have always gotten a letter back with thanks and confirming that it went to the Power of 10.

    I think the First Giving page is great for gathering donations from people spread far and wide, but I prefer to send directly to GKTW whenever possible so that every dime goes directly to them and not to admin fees on the First Giving page.

    Good luck this year. I will be watching for updates! :thumbsup2
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    Love this idea! It's a great way to teach children their responsibility to give back. I'm sure they will learn so much and have a sense of ownership. I may steal this for my classroom someday! Thank you :-)

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