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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Floridagram, Feb 6, 2012.

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    First, I have searched and searched and cannot find some things I know I read somewhere. So sorry, if this has been answered too many times.

    I know I read that now (in 2012)the clubs have some open times that the families can visit and the kids cannot be left alone. Then there are secure times when supposedly no other adults are allowed in that kids can be dropped off.

    Can someone confirm that for me? And you do not need reservations for the clubs, just the nursery, right?

    We cruised 5 years ago and only left the kids when we went to Palo. Now they are older and may want to be in the club. I would appreciate any information anyone has to give of your experiences that could help us have a better experience. Their Mom is a little nervous about leaving her kids with someone she does not know.

    The kids are 3-10. I believe I read that they are now allowed to stay together. Is that correct?

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    For children 3+ that are potty trained there is a secure club/lab available.

    When you get the Navigators (newsletter) in your room you will see when the Open House is for the club and lab. If the Club is having open house then the secured area will be the Lab. If you want to drop off and not stay with your children to do the activities you would take them to the Lab.

    They are supose to stay in their age group (club or lab) but when open house is happening on one side all the children in secured programming move to the side without the open house.
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    Secure programming is always available in some location during the hours that the programming is open--this is the traditional drop off and is open like 9am - midnight most days. Adults are not allowed in this area beyond picking up their children.

    Open house programming is where adults and siblings can stay with their children and participate in activities with them. The hours are generous, but limited--not all the time. A child cannot be left alone in an open house setting; an adult needs to remain with them.

    No reservations are needed for any of the programming for kids ages 3 and potty trained - 17.

    The programming in the Oceaneer's Club and Lab are now not restricted by age. So yes, your 3 and 10 year olds can be together. However, each activity shows a "suggested for " age range. A 10 year old CAN participate in an activity that is suggested for 3-4 years, but would they really want to most of the time? And a 3 year old can do an activity intended for 9-10, but again...they're not going to understand or appreciate it.

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