Kids club question - need opinions


Jan 20, 2001
We're sailing on Feb 16 Magic cruise with DD3 and DS7. My concern is regarding DS's placement in kid's club. The oldest age group in the club is 5-7 y/o. He will turn 8 in July but is also a BIG kid (taller than all his 2nd grade classmates, including those that turned 8 this past fall). It seems that there is such a difference between a 5 y/o and him but he is a total "camp kid" and can't wait to spend time in the clubs with other kids.

I know Disney's official cutoff is within a month of the child's birthday, but do you think I should try to speak with them when we get on the ship about maybe placing him with the 8-9 y/o group instead? Any feedback would be appreciated.
My advice is to start him in his regular age may be surprised and find he's QUITE content there. If not, THEN speak to the counselors about a possible move. They always try to keep kids in the correct age groupings as much as possible, but if your son is truly miserable (highly unlikely) then they will do what they can.

My daughter has done 4 DCL cruises and this was the first time she was in the 8-9 group in the Oceaneer Lab. While she loved it, I think she REALLY did prefer the 5-7 activities in the Club. She is also very tall for her age and keeping her in the correct age groupings on all her cruises was the best for her.

Have a great time! :)
I'm confused. I thought I read where it was 5-8 in the club and you had to be 9 to go to the lab. My DS who turns 8 next week was very bummed out!

So you're saying he gets to be in the lab? He prefers being with older kids. That's great!

He's in 2nd grade also and is just turning 8.
The Lab is grouped 8 & 9 year olds; then 10-12 year old, so yes, your 8 year old will be in the lab.

Sheree, the age groupings were changed a while ago, it used to be that 8 year olds were in the Club, now they are in the Lab. The groupings are:


My son was in the 5-7 year old group, and at times they went into the lab also. I guess they rotate the 5-7 year old group for certain activities.


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