Kidney Cancer

Discussion in 'disABILITIES Community Board' started by Michigan, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Michigan

    Michigan Mom of the Rolling Crew

    Feb 2, 2000
    I will be having robotic surgery tomorrow morning at Dr Phillips Hospital in Orlando for a cancerous tumor on my right kidney. Went to HS yesterday to ride Toy Story Mania one last time since I know it will be a long time before I can ride it.
  2. Kellykins1218

    Kellykins1218 DIS Veteran

    Mar 4, 2012
    Good luck with your surgery. I hope everything goes well and you are back riding very soon :)
  3. jimfry

    jimfry Earning My Ears

    Apr 1, 2014
    I also had kidney cancer and had my right kidney removed. I see from the date that this surgery has already happened.
    Encouraging to know is that there is about a 97% success rate with being cancer free after the surgery . I have been cancer free for 3 years now and am just getting ready to visit WDW for the first time since my surgery.
    Best of luck on your recovery, stay focused and always be encouraged that great things are on the horizon for you

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