Kidani Villas Room Assignment


Earning My Ears
May 15, 2018
Hello, everyone. We are planning to stay at a 2bdrm villa at Kidani in early November.

I have read horror stories about having to walk a mile from the lobby to your room.

My husband has severe arthritis and is cane dependent so we're trying to keep unnecessary walking to a minimum!

I requested a room by the lobby. Would that be the best request for someone with limited mobility? Also, is the bus pick up by the lobby?

Another question I have is about the parking garage. Is that under the lobby as well?

And finally, the map I saw of the property looked like the pool was a decent hike from the hotel. Is there parking near the pool area?

Thanks so much in advance!


Post hoc, ergo propter hoc
Jun 11, 2005
Jambo is 1/4 mile from Kidani. It is impossible to need to walk a mile inside Kidani to get to any location in the building.

Near lobby is probably best, but there are trade-off like elevator noise, many people talking as they pass your location is closer to the lobby at Kidani than the Jambo bus is to that lobby.

Can't help with the garage.

there is some parking near the pool, but I'd think by the time you walk to the car, move it, and walk to the pool, it would have been shorter just to walk to the pool.


DIS Veteran
Jul 9, 2014
The bus pick up at Kidani is a short walk from the lobby down a slight slope. There are rooms closer to the path for the bus pick up than you would be to the lobby. The parking is under the hotel the length of the rooms basically at Kidani.

From the lobby, the distance to the Kidani pool is really not that far at all. Have you stayed at any other resorts on property? If you have a frame of reference, it would be easier to give you an idea of what the walking at the resort may be like. To me, Kidani has slightly less walking than Port Orleans FQ to get to and from the lobby, rooms, bus stop, and pool. I also feel like there is less walking from your room to the lobby at Kidani than say Beach Club or Yacht Club.

Denise W

Disney Veteran
Aug 19, 1999
The parking garage at Kidani is under the resort with elevators throughout. Once you get your room location, move your car to the elevator nearest your room and park it there.


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