Kidani Grand Villa?

Discussion in 'DVC Resorts' started by AnimalKingdomDVC, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Just wanted to know a little about the Kidani Grand Villa. I just got it for some days the week of christmas...(yah, who knew!) and wanted to know if I check in at Kidani or Jambo, also is there a gift shop in Kidani? and what else is there? I am after that going over to Concierge in a one bedroom for christmas! Jambo I know...but not Kidani, any photos or info would be greatly appricated!!!:goodvibes
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    Kidani and Jambo each have there own check in, Bell Services, and store.

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    Kidani Village has a much smaller lobby and gift shop than at Jambo House. And it's quieter too. Many will talk about Jambo House is more lively, but I think of it as just more noisy. And people are always in a hurry to get somewhere else. Whereas at Kidani guests will gather in the lobby sit and visit and basically treat it as another room in our home. I also liked Jambo House, but I was surprised after my first stay at Kidani Village this past June it has become my favorite.



    The shop, Johari Treasures, at Kidani Village is extra small. Disney definitely is not worried about selling a whole lot of souvenirs to DVC members. The basics are all there including some grocery items, liquor and wine. The gift shop at Jambo House is far superior even when just considering the market area. There is just more of a selection there than at Kidani Village.

    The focus at Kidani Village are your villas and public areas that will be used by guests. One of the biggest differences between the two resorts is the Community Hall at Kidani Village. At Community Hall, ping-pong, foosball and video games are available as well as ongoing activities such as arts and crafts, and equipment for basketball, tennis and shuffleboard.

    At Jambo House there is Simbas Clubhouse which is a supervised activity center for children ages 3-12 that affords parents a carefree night on the town. (Additional fee required). Or in other words a baby sitting service with some crafts thrown in.

    The pool at Kidani Village as a very large water play area that kids love. I don't have any photos without other guests in them so I have nothing to post.
    Neither of the pools are designed for swimmers, Disney is not interested in anyone doing laps. The Jambo House pool is larger by far. Both pools have pool side activities daily run by a CM.

    The real advantage of Jambo House it has a QS restaurant, Mara. That is really a negative for Kidani Village. I guess the DVC thought because members wanted kitchens they wouldn't eat out at QS restaurants. Boy were they wrong. It's probably split on the number of members that eat in their villas and those that eat out. But those members that eat out really resent having to go to Jambo house for a quick meal. Unless they remove some underground parking, which is already overly full, I don't see how the DVC remedy that lack.

    I haven't seen very many photos of a GV at Kidani Village. Hopefully after your trip you could post some here on the Disboards. Hope you have a wonderful holiday at AKV. Truthfully I don't see how you can wrong at either resort.

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