Kaylee & Alan - Caribbean Beach - Oct/Nov 2000 - Day 4

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Kaylee & Alan’s WDW Trip – Day 4 Universal Studio’s and Halloween Horror Night.

    Kaylee – aged 26, first time visitor to WDW
    Alan – aged 28, second visit to WDW, first when he was 8.

    Woke up at 8am this morning and had Mickey Waffles again. They were beginning to decorate Old Port Royale with pumpkins for Halloween, some even had Pooh carved in them. We caught a Mears Shuttle to Universal at 9.35am - $10 rtn each. It first dropped off at Seaworld, I am sure this was just to entice us with Kraken. When we arrived we started off by going on Men in Black, which we found similar to the Buzz ride at MK. Of course Alan won again, which pleased him. We brought our Halloween Horror Night T-shirts here and as it was the last day we got them half price. The Wild, Wild West Show was next which was good followed by Earthquake, Jaws, Twister, Kongfrontation and Back to the Future which turned out to be our favourite ride.

    At about 3pm we headed to the Hard Rock Café for lunch/dinner. We had Nacho’s to start followed by veggie burger for me and Steak Sandwich for Alan. I couldn’t get the ketchup out of the bottle to go on my fries - why do they insist on putting it in those glass Heinz bottles? Alan tried to help me and I ended up with ketchup all over my top. I went to the Bathroom to change in to my HHN T-shirt we brought earlier and it seems I left Alan’s brand new 3 day old Oakley’s in there. During dinner a witch came flying through the restaurant and some of the servers were dressed up for Halloween. When we got outside we realised I had left Alan’s Oakley’s inside – I went to look but someone had a nice present that day. Alan was not happy – but you must remember I only went to the Bathroom because he threw ketchup over my T-shirt.

    We went back to Universal to ride Terminator 2 before the park closed to get ready for Halloween Horror Night’s. We spent some time in Citywalk, where we found a surf shop and Alan brought a new pair of Oakley’s to cheer himself up along with a new Quiksilver wallet and Cap. There was a temporary tattoo stand here so Alan got a band thingy on his arm, I wanted a little superman tattoo on my ankle like my idol Jon Bon Jovi, they were all sold out so I settled for a butterfly. They only last a week but that was as permanent as I wanted it.

    We went back to Universal for the start of Halloween Horror Night. Outside the gates where everyone was queuing there was a lady on a truck explaining the rules of that evening i.e. no underage drinking, no touching the scare actors. She had a drunk guy on the truck with here and then showed him what would happen if you broke the rules by chopping his hands and legs off with a chainsaw. ‘Blood’ squirted everywhere. As they drove off and everyone was chatting about this, there was 5 – 6 scar actors in the crowd dressed up for Halloween with ‘blood’ on there faces who ‘let rip’ with there chainsaw’s. You have never seen a crowd move so fast in your life.

    We firstly went to Clown Attack, which is a street in the park that is made so smokey you cannot see two steps’s ahead of yourself. As you walk through it some really scarey clown's’jump out and scare 'the pants off you'. I screamed the whole way through it, Alan just said I was encouraging them to scare me more. We did another scare zone called Midway of Dr Morose and yep, you guessed it I screamed again. We went on Jaws which was basically the same but when you got to the boat shed, Jack (from Stephen King’s IT) and friends were there to greet you. We also saw the acrobatic show ‘Jacked up’ mainly because I was too scared to spend much time outside. After this we went through ‘Apocalypse Now’ scare zone and you would have been proud of me I didn’t scream once – but hey I was running.

    We watched the Festival of the Dead Parade with Jack, Chucky etc, although when you were watching, the guy’s with chainsaw’s were sneaking up behind you. Alan went in to the Haunted House Total Chaos, I chickened out and stood in a shop with some crying girl’s. I waited 25 mins in which time the shop was visited by a cockroach and rat, this was the dirtiest park we had been in. When Alan came back we collected our stuff from our locker and walked back to the bus stop, we were in our room by 11.15pm and my packages had arrived from the day before’s shopping. I also had a fish made from the face cloth today from the maid.

    Tomorrow: Breakfast with Cindy, The Wedding and Dinner at Victoria and Alberts.
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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful reports!!!!

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