Kaylee & Alan Caribbean Beach Oct/Nov 2000 - Day 15

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Kaylee & Alan’s Trip Report Day 15 – CBR & Sanford

    Day 15

    Kaylee – aged 26, first time visitor to WDW
    Alan – aged 28, second visit to WDW, first when he was 8

    We got up depressed and miserable at around 9am and called Bell Services to collect our luggage at 10.30am and put it in storage until we were being picked up at 12.30pm.

    We spent the morning last minute packing seeing how much more we could squeeze in. After Bell Services arrived we said a last goodbye to our room, we walked through Old Port Royale for the last time and I couldn’t buy anything, as it wouldn’t fit in my bag. We took some pictures of the Martinique building and the whole resort. We strolled across Parrot Key and fed the ducks and saw a turtle in the lake, we walked through Jamaica, Aruba and Barbados. By the time we got to the Custom’s House we were baking as we were dressed for touchdown in England not sunny Florida.

    We collected our luggage and the bus picked us up- it was the same driver we had from the airport with the same story as well. When the next family got on the driver put a video on, so we all sat there looking miserable heading for the airport. When we arrived at Sanford, because we had Premier Class we headed straight to the front of the desk, which was nice considering the size of the queue, there was 6 other UK flights that afternoon. The check-in assistant also made sure our bags were last to be packed and first off the plane in the UK

    We headed upstairs and I was not impressed with this airport – it looked like a warehouse. We got lunch at one of the dodgy looking places, burgers, fries and coke each that cost $20. We settled down and waited for our flight to be called.

    It wasn’t long before they called us and when we got on I had a window seat which was nice, although as we were travelling overnight I couldn’t see a thing. We had OJ as soon as we sat down – but I was very disappointed with our cabin crew on the way back. I don’t think they knew how to smile and again they managed to mess up my veggie meal. I didn’t sleep on the flight so by the time we landed (7am UK time and 2am Florida time) I was shattered. Alan’s friend picked us up and we drove to his place for a rest before we set off in our car to Plymouth.

    We arrived home at 2pm, Helen my kitty sitter was still here and the house was covered in Just Married banners, Balloons and Confetti. I was determined to stay awake until about 9pm and as it was Sunday I wanted to come to chat but I fell asleep until Mid-day on the Monday.

    Summary – I loved it, Alan loved it, we will be going again as DVC members (yippee), and I was so pleased all of my planning paid off. The wedding was great – as far as I am concerned this was the best way to get married – Disney style. A BIG Thank you to all members of The Dis for all your help.
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    Feb 10, 2000
    Kaylee, I have so enjoyed re-reading your wedding reports! I still can't believe it was your first time in WDW, as you had everything planned so well.

    Thanks for posting :)
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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