Kaylee & Alan - Caribbean Beach Oct/Nov 2000 - Day 13

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    Kaylee & Alan’s Trip Report Day 13 – Epcot, Beaches + Cream & Illuminations Cruise.

    Day 13

    Kaylee – aged 26, first time visitor to WDW
    Alan – aged 28, second visit to WDW, first when he was 8

    This was a late morning we didn’t get up until 9.30 am and left for Epcot around an hour later. When we arrived we first did Living Sea’s I was disappointed with this and I only saw one Manatee. I was glad we had visited Seaword to see my friend’s.

    We visited Canada and the UK and tried the chip’s to make us feel at home. Alan tried eating his way around the world. He tried Coconut Tart in Southeast Asia, Tiramisu in Italy, Lamington’s in Australia. Yasai-Maki Sushi in Japan and Champagnes at a free tasting. The Holiday Bus stopped and I managed to get Pinocchio, Daisy, Terk and Meeko’s autographs before they travelled off again. I did wonder what Epcot would be like without the Food and Wine Festival.

    We walked to the Yacht and Beach Club to have Sundae’s at Beaches and Cream. Alan had one called a Milkyway and I had a banana split, they were about $7 each and each one would have fed a family of four. We strolled around the Yacht and Beach Club and looked in there shop’s and over to the Boardwalk to do more shopping – still trying to walk off the sundae’s. Now we both could have done without dinner but we had ressies for Spoodles. We got a table outside so we could watch the world go by. Alan ordered Calamari but it had legs so he couldn’t eat it. I had Roasted tomato and goats cheese. We strolled along to the DVC house just to take a peak you understand. Oh and make an appointment for the following morning. As the Boardwalk started to get busy we walked to the marina and met up with Anne and her mum and Kathleen her daughter from the American boards. The allowed us and Manatee’s family to share there Illumination cruise.

    Our boat arrived and we all boarded. ‘Cruise Captain’ was our driver and had lots of trivia for us. He told us about the original plan with the monorail through the Swan and Dolphin. We parked up under the bridge just past the UK to watch Illumination’s. It was great we had an excellent view. Someone had a private party in France to see the Illuminations (I know you can do this for special occasions such as weddings). We dropped Anne and her family off at Epcot and we headed back to the Boardwalk. We caught a bus to Downtown Disney to do some last minute shopping, I brought more pins and more PJ’s, we also got some Christmas decoration’s here too.

    We waited 25 mins for a bus to CBR, yesterday’s packages had arrived and off to bed.

    Next:- DVC Tour, Magic Kingdom and California Grill
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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