Kaylee & Alan - Caribbean Beach Oct/Nov 2000 - Day 1

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Day 1

    Kaylee – aged 26, first time visitor to WDW
    Alan – aged 28, second visit to WDW, first when he was 8.

    We left Worthing, where we were staying with Alan’s friend Al at 6.30am – nothing like an early start! Arrived at Gatwick sometime after 7am. We checked in immediately via the Air 2000 Premier Class section with no wait. Our bag’s were very heavy at this stage complete with wedding attire, the guy that checked us in said we were close to our allowance and obviously not buying much whilst we were there – little did he know.

    The flight was delayed, due to somebody putting a nappy down the toilet! But we were first to board the plane due to Premier Class, which I was thankful of, there were hoards of people waiting. We were given Hello magazine and Orange Juice when we boarded. Sony Personal TV’s were also given out with your choice of film (I think we watched 3 each on the way out). The meal’s were OK and drink’s were flowing. We landed in Sanford 4pm local time and boy was it hot! We travelled in trousers and fleeces, so as soon as we stepped off the plane the heat was amazing. We travelled quickly through immigration and custom’s and joined our bus. Two other families were also on the bus both staying on International Drive – so we were dropped off first at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort (CBR).

    Our resort was lovely, Alan checked us in whilst I sat on the luggage – sweating with the heat. This took about half an hour. We faxed ahead of time and requested Martinique building, close to the food court and we got it room 2512. The room has too queen sized beds and was clean and tidy. (Note: This room/building has not been refurbished recently).

    We has dinner reservations to meet some ‘beanie trading’ friends at 8pm at Tony’s in the Magic Kingdom. So we had to get our skates on, we ventured out to the bus stop, which was conveniently close to our room. Within 10 minutes we boarded the bus. It took about 15 min’s to get there I think.

    The Magic Kingdom was very busy, people were lining the streets for the Main Street Electrical Parade and Fantasy in the Sky. We found Tony’s just inside the Magic Kingdom and stood outside the entrance (well what we thought to be the entrance), we had arranged to meet at 7.45pm. At about 8pm we decided to go inside the restaurant – we also found out we had been standing in the wrong place. We met with Mike and DI both (Disney employees), it was weird as we have only corresponded via email, but we soon got chatting and it didn’t take long before we were like old friends.

    Tony’s was a lovely restaurant all decorated with The Lady and the Tramp pictures. Our waiter had a very New York accent. Di and myself had the Eggplant pancake, Alan had a shrimp dish and I can’t remember what Mike had. Di and Mike gave us a wedding present of some of the WDW wedding pin’s (Donald & Daisy Duck, Mickey & Minnie Mouse etc), this is where my pin obsession began. Di had also brought along the Halloween Beanies for me (Pooh as bumble Bee, Tigger as Skeleton and Eeyore as a Clown).

    After Tony’s we caught the monorail to The Contemporary Resort (where Mike and Di were parked) We didn’t stay here long just enough time to get my autograph book and pen – I was on a mission this trip to get as many autographs as I could.

    We then drove back to the CBR where Mike and Di dropped us off, we arranged to meet again for dinner, before we left and in the mean time Mike and Di were off on a Disney cruise for 3 day’s. We walked to Old Port Royale to look in the shop’s and food court and use our re-fillable mugs. We found a hammock on the beach and sat in that to chill out at the end of our busy, first day.
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    Aug 21, 1999
    .......it's great reading this again after all this time Kaylee :) Our first UK DIS wedding :D

    (I should add that Martinique has since been refurbished)
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    Feb 16, 2001
    I'll enjoy reading this one as we loved CBR!

    (We also requested Martinique - or Trinidad North - but didn't get either!
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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful reports!!!!

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