Kap made it to a Contemporary pin meet!!!!


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Jul 22, 2001
And I'm sitting there w/ my friend from Japan Harumi...and she is being attached for her great pins
and I turn around, and who has snuck in from Texas, but SuzzaneB, w/ her guest Kap..

We were all happy to see her, and put a face to the name..We all only talked for a minute..
after all they had trading to do...

So ..welcome to the first of I hope many of our pin meets....and pls hurry back..

The Contemporary Pin Meet Contingent..
you didn't seem to be doing much trading though.

Suzanne uyou sly one. What a joyous surprise. Sorry we couldn't try to trade. I HAD to get on the raod and head back to Melbourne though
SUPER TIME!!! KAP DID trade with Harumi, but it was for her mom!!! I think Tennis Nut will have an interesting post about the three of us looking for KAP's car which her mom parked for her at the Contemp...kind of a "scavenger hunt"...it was funny! Kathryn...I DID make it to the Poly after all...traded with Tennis Nut, Boardwalk Jiminy, a few other "regulars" and some newbies....had fun! Sorry you weren't able to come back...
This is all old news now but this is the first chance I have had to post. I made 3 trades that friday night - all for my mom. The next friday I made 2 trades and again they were for my mom. I told her she does real good staying home and watching the Olympics!! It was quite an adventure finding my car that first night. Next time I get a car I need to make sure it is more distinctive and thus easier to find. Don't know when my next trip will be but I'll try my best to make it to the Contemporary.

I'm happy that you had a good time at the Cont. and how did you enjoy the Princess Ball
event...I want you all to know that she was the only intelligent one there, she came prepared w/ a rain
suit w/ pants and all... I was soooo jealous...because I was soooo wet..

It was nice to meet you, and I will keep an eye out for your parents when we are in the park..come
back and see us soon.

Sorry we missed you all. Took alot longer to get into Orlando than we planned, and dinner took a while.

Maybe next time!



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