Just talked to Delta rep - will I have to pay for 1st checked bag?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Snoozan, Jan 1, 2009.

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    I just called Delta and had them change my seat assignments for my return flight - the India rep also noted there were slight changes in the times from when I first booked in August. She re-issued me new online tickets when she changed my seat assignments, which have new ticket#'s, but same confirmation #.

    With the baggage changes since I booked in August - it appeared to me that I'd now have to pay for my first checked bag as the new etickets have a 1/1/09 issue date. I called Delta back and another rep told me that I would not have to pay the checked bag fee, but I'm worried as the new issue date is 1/1/09, and have new ticket numbers. Do I just bring copies of my originally issued tickets - with the old #'s/issue date to the airport and present them if they try to charge me for my first checked bag? Do I need to be worrying about this?
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    Don't worry about it. The confirmation number is tied to your original booking so they can see when your tickets were purchased. The key here is when you purchased the tickets. Just to be safe, bring your original documents that show when they were purchased in case there is confusion at the airport. Based on your August date, you should be allowed one free checked bag, but your second would be $50.

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