Just made ressies for 10 nights in August and 10 in November

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Aug 6, 2000
I feel like such a greedy pig, but I just couldn't help myself. We'll be poor, but we'll be poor as a family so who cares?!?!

Camping has been such a great experience for our family since we bought our camper last May. We really do bond. Disney is just a bonus. Hope every camper out there, young or old, TT,popup tent etc has wonderful experiences like us.

HAPPY CAMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! 20 days. That sounds like a dream. Have fun and HAPPY CAMPING to you!!!

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I'm so jealous!!!! Can I come with? I promise to be good - and I won't take up much space! Do you have kids? I'm a great sitter! :D

- Rhonda :-)
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Fantastic! Camping is really terrific, even in August in the heat. Did you decide on 1400 or another loop. My kids would be sad without cable, although we only watch it for the weather, and an occasional disney cartoon. When in August are you going, I thought you were planning the end of August. We have ressies for Aug 5-18 hopefully 1400 again. The boys have already started talking about which movies will be playing at the campfire. I hope the renovations are complete by then. Can't wait. My older kids are still looking for a 12 step Disney program for me. I told them I found it here on the DIS LOL - KQ :D :D


I am jealous too! After camping at Disney for 5 years in a row, DH says it's time to take a break.

I see you're from MD, do you ever get tired of the drive down there? What kinds of things do you do to entertain the kids? We've driven all 5 times, but have done most of the driving throughout the night. I wouldn't mind the drive during the day except my children get bored easily - any suggestions???

In two words, GAME BOY. We always drive to FL and also to MA to visit family, and have found them to be invaluable. We have thought about a TV/VCR, but I don't think they would enjoy that as much. We drove several times when we lived in Massachusetts. Drove straight through 25-28 hours only stopping for gas and food. Glad we don't have to do taht anymore. The kids read, colored, and played travel games. I just wish we lived closer.

I've been working the last couple of days so I missed all of your replies. Sorry!!

We made ressies for 1400 (requested 1442 both times) I guess if you find a good thing stick with it. Anyway my 8 yo didn't want anywhere else. For us its much more location than cable, but we definately did watch t.v. It's kind of like an umbilical cord for us.

We have only driven once with the camper. It took us 17 hours stopping whenever we needed gas. We had packed a cooler with lunchmeat and chicken salad for convenience, but every single time we stopped, we went into the camper for supplies so I doubt we'll bring a big cooler again. Just a little one for drinks. Our boys 4&8 played game boy, asked a lot of questions, watched the tv/vcr combo,asked a lot of questions, kept track of liscence plates (actually got 44 states and 6 Canada provinces) read alot of Brain Quest questions and asked a lot of questions, colored, read books, asked a lot of questions...get the idea?? Whatever it takes, we did. Both my husband and I were stressed about the long travel, but once we did it we (all four of us) really enjoyed it!!!I actually said I found it relaxing. The planes take a whole day out of your trip anymore no matter how well you plan, so we tried the drive. Our only debate before making our ressies for that first trip was to drive and pull the camper or drive and stay in a cabin. It was so cheap to pull the camper and stay that we could stay so much longer. Plus now we have the two other trips planned... We are going to try to drive straight through this next trip instead of staying the first night in Savannah Ga. we hope to leave at 0600 and arrive by 2200 that night. A little apprehensive about pulling in in the dark, but who knows!! If we get tired I'm sure we'll just pull into a Wal mart. My personal opinion is I bet we'll be so excited that we'll leave a half a day earlier after we get off work, and get time in then...only time will tell!!

All in all the Ap has been wonderful for us..I would really recomend it. It makes a huge difference!!


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