Just got the word from my CM Consultant on NEW ITEMS and here they are . .

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by crazyforpooh, Jun 24, 2003.

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    Aug 19, 1999
    Well it's not as exciting as I thought it would be but here are the new items Creative Memories is coming out with on July 1

    I am looking forward to seeing the new tape runner, the hexagon punch and the vintage pens

    1. UK Capitol Countryside Stickers -- 5.50
    2. Nautical Bay Stickers -- 3.50
    3. New REFILLABLE Tape Runner -- 6.75
    4. Mini Tape Runner -- ??
    5. 12x12 Glory Album -- 38.00
    6. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines Sticker Packs -- 3.50 ea.
    7. Pastel Pens: blue, green, pink, purple -- round and fine tip pen sets 10.60
    8. Hexagon Maxi and Mini punches -- 20.00 ea.
    9. Fast Formulas IV -- 10.00 each 3/package. 3-hole punched so they will fit into the binder
    10. New School Days stuff coming in Fall
    11. Heritage Stickers/40s Decade -- 3.50
    12. Heirloom Stickers -- 5.50
    13. Family Tree page on Natural -- 2.75
    14. Vintage Pens: pewter, forest, twilight, cocoa -- round and fine tip sets 10.60
    15. Legacy Shortcuts Papers in colors similar to the Vintage Pens
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    Apr 28, 2002
    OK... just saw some of these and here is my take...

    Air Force Stickers 3.50- - 4 sheets. One says air force, there are 4 corner stickers, a bunch of stars in royal blue, red, silver, gold, light blue. Several planes (I have NO idea what they are) a couple of eagles, a flag, gloves, hats, medal, boots, helmet, dog tags. That kind of thing.

    Navy Stickers 3.50- - Again 4 sheets. Same type of thing as Air Force, except boats and subs and planes. Anchors,

    Army 3.50 - - 4 sheets, same type of thing, but with camoflauge type things. Stars are camo. Have tanks, choppers, jeeps, trucks.

    Marines 3.50 - - 4 sheets. Similar to army, more choppers, different tanks.

    One sheet in all four is the same. It is the one with the 2 eagles, blue stars in red circles, and two corner things, and a flag.

    Of these I like the marines, but I think the choppers are kind of fun, and you don't see too many choppers.

    12 x 12 Glory Album 38.00- - there was a limited edition Glory album that was 7 x 7 and this looks the same, except larger. It is limited edition - til October.

    40s decade stickers 3.50 - - Of all of the decade stickers I think I like this one the most. But then I am helping with some heirloom albums. Old shoes, old hats, lipstick, microphone, jukebox, music notes, letters, newspapers, fountain pens, US Mailbag, old car, old gas tank, old clock, old phone, marbles (??? or gumballs), great length strips a couple are film reels with film.

    Heirloom stickers 5.50 - THese are GORGEOUS. I love them. old fashioned looking flowers, quilt blocks, rocking chair, baby stuff, chest, pens, stamps, sewing supplies, etc...water pitcher, cameos, clocks. They are pastel watercolor looking and I think they are some of the prettiest stickers I have seen.

    Legacy ShortCuts 10.50 - - more shortcuts in it looks like some purple, grey, green, blue paper (softer colors) and in maybe Victorian looking cuts.

    Nautical Bay Stickers 3.50 - - Lighthouses, sailboat, anchors, pelicans, seashells, crabs, lobsters, birds, whales, sanddollars, fish, water and shore great lengths.

    UK Capital and Countryside stickers 5.50- - It has a suit of armor (yay), stained glass windows, Big Ben, British costume, Hats, beer mugs, flags, flowers, busses, cars, telephone booth, wildlife, cottage, windmills. A LOT of different stickers.

    New tape runner 6.75 - - It looks like it is more like the old style in that the tape comes out the back after it is used. No comment on this until after I actually get one in my hands.

    Tape Runner - Refill 4.75 - - again I can't comment on it, but it should be cheaper than buying a complete tape runner every time.

    Vintage Fine Tip and Round Tip Pens 10.60 per set- Blue, Green, Grey and brown pens

    Pastel Fine Tip and ROund Tip Pens 10.60 per set - Lavender or Lilac, pink, green and blue. The green looks almost like a soft lime. The blue maybe cornflower. These look really really pretty

    Hexagon and Mini-Hexagon makers 20.00 each- 4 different sizes of hexagons on these two punches.

    Family Chart page in Natural 2.75 each- - looks just like the black one does, just on the natural page.

    New Fast Formulas Book 10.00 each.

    That is what I have now. Hope it helps.
  3. Alice28

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    Jun 6, 2002
    This stuff sounds sooo cool. And the best part is..well, let me back up. My CM consultant was a good friend of mine before she became a CMC. I scrapbook A LOT, and have recruited several friends to her as new scrappers. I finally decided this last week I was going to quit my job when summer ends and would need something to do so I won't go crazy as this is my first time as a stay at home mom....gee, maybe I could become a CM consultant! So I have been talking with my friend and I'm gonna sign up with the money we get back from the gov't in August- the child tax rebate$$. I'm so excited! I can't wait to get this stuff at cost! I am going to play-play-play. Between what I spend, my Mom spends, and 2-3 of my friends buy, I don't think I will ever have to do the classes, etc., unless I want to (I'm not a pushy sales type person- I don't want to be like the Amway lady everyone dreads- I like CM so much- I think the stuff sells itself)! I'm soo very excited. Anyway, I am esp looking forward to the nautical stickers, and the new pens! And the hexigon punches! Too cool!

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