Just Got Back on Sunday


Proud Canadian
Nov 13, 1999
We drove down to WDW 2 weeks ago Thursday and got home on Sunday. Great trip. Any questions about the drive etc. please ask away.

Reader's Digest version;

Crossed to USA at 1000 Islands (Gananoque)
Interstate 81 to exit #313 in Virginia
Highway 17 eastsouth to I95
I95 to Daytona
I4 to Orlando.

22 hours driving straight thru down
23 coming home.
5300 total kilometers.
$191.45 USD in gas for our Rav4
best price $1.159/gal (Exit 14 - Georgia)
worst price $1.499/gal Clayton NY

Hi Nagle,

Hope you had a great trip! Just wondering where exit 313 is in Virginia (south of Charlottesville?). We're thinking about changing our route (we usually cut over at Harrisburg, PA so we can stop at the Pfaltzgraff outlet in York, PA).

Thanks. :)
Couldn't tell you the town nearest exit 313. We usually go all the way to Front Royal and take I66 across, but a friend at work suggested exit 313. Just make sure you follow highway 17 all the way to I95. It's a small rural highway. Probably about the same time as taking the other route, but a nice drive and no trucks are allowed on the route.

Glad to hear that you had a great trip! Welcome home!

Welcome back Nagle! :D

Were the parks crowded?

Did you stay at All Star Sports? How was it, and have you been there before?

Where did you have your best meal?

Sorry if this sounds a bit like a questionnaire! :)

Welcome back Nagle - what was your favorite part of the trip?


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