Just got back and loved our stay at POR

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by ss9498, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. ss9498

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    Aug 9, 2007
    We just got back yesterday and we loved our stay at POR. I have to admit that I was a little nervous after reading some things here and while waiting in the line to check in someone checking out was complaining about their room being dirty and their bathtub not draining quickly. My mom and I checked in together with the hopes that we could get rooms next to each other. Our cast member said that we would get rooms next to each other but they wouldn't be ready yet, but we would stay in Building 24.

    After we had lunch at Raglan Road we got to our rooms and found out the rooms were on opposite ends of the building. I called the front desk and was transferred to someone at POR. I explained that when we checked in that we were told that we would have rooms next to each other and I was put on hold and we were told that they found adjoining rooms in building 85 and to go get our new keys. I was very polite and was very happy that the cast members were so accomodating.

    Our news room were in Magnolia Terrace and it was beautiful. The room was very clean and everything was in working order. The only age that I could really see was in the wainscotting, but it was not a big deal to us. We were also pleased by the ceiling fan and that the lights were on a dimmer. Mousekeeping was fantastic and we even got towel animals. One day we ran into our housekeeper and I she told me that she would be off the next couple of days but would be back on Friday with more animals (too bad because we were checking out on Friday). I can see how there can be complaints about housekeeping b/c one of the days she was off we had a mediocre cleaning - I think the sub just made the bed and half heartedly folded the towels.

    Our walk to Ol' Man Island was short, just over the bridge. It looked very nice but it was too cold for me to go in. DH and DD5 went in and DH said that while the pool was heated it didn't really do much. The main building was close too. It wasn't really crowded until the end of the week when the Pop Warner people started to come. It was a great stay and all of the cast members that we interacted with were friendly, helpful, and nice.
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    Jul 6, 2004
    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed POR. It is my favorite moderate resort, and one of my top 3 Disney resorts.:goodvibes

    I know what you mean about getting nervous after reading bad things. But I figure things like a dirty room can happen at any resort, and it is just luck of the draw. It is how the CMs handle the problems that make or break the vacation, and it sounds like they handled your problem with the room locations well.
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    I'm happy you had a good stay, I just love POR.

    I've gotten to the point I don't read a lot of reviews anymore, I was driving myself crazy with all the little things.
  4. momtotwoteens

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    Nov 29, 2007
    Thanks for your report and I'm glad you enjoyed POR. I can't wait until we get to stay there!
  5. maryann92201

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    Glad to hear you had a great stay. I just booked POR for November 28 to December 6, 2009. This will be our first stay at this resort and I'm looking forward to it. Our agent put in a request for AB building 14 due to my Mom arthritis issues. Plus we booked a water view room.

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