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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Rneighh, Aug 24, 2005.

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    I just booked on-line for the first time. Tried calling CRO and was first told that AKL deluxe savanna view rooms only sleep 4. I knew that was wrong. She then corrected herself after I argued with her for several minutes. Then she told me it was not available. I said wait a minute I am booking for the first week in Feb. the internet showed rooms available. She contiued to disagree with me until I finally just hung up and booked on line.

    My question is will I receive anything in the mail like you do when you book through CRO? The disclaimer says "documents will be mailed 40 days prior to arrival, after payment in full is received". I was hoping to receive info on the dinning plan now.

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    Give it a week to ten days and you should receive something in the mail. We're going over Thanksgiving and when I booked online I overshot the month by two went into 2006 and then rolled back the month but the year stayed 2006. I realized the mistake after I had already finished. I called Disney and the CM said sorry we have no value resort rooms available for that period. I said akay let me see if I can change the dates and I will call back. Called back ten minutes later and was told no problem and they made the change. I cannot understand why some of the CM's can't find the available rooms when they are out there. I think they get lazy now and then.

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