Just booked my honeymoon trip!

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by ShuisFan584, Jul 12, 2009.

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    First of all, we just recently moved the wedding up from March 5, 2010, to January 15, 2010, so it's now 2 months closer.

    Since we did that, it's now past the 7 month mark to book at a non home resort. After our August trip to VWL, we will have stayed at every DVC resort except for BCV and BLT. We decided to stay at BCV in a one bedroom villa for the honeymoon. We plan on taking a cruise right after the wedding from January 16 - January 23. It might possibly be a Disney cruise, but we're still working with our travel agent on booking that. And I just booked the WDW portion of our trip - from January 23 to January 31 at BCV one bedroom. I'm so excited now since everything is starting to seem real! And I'm hoping to have semi decent weather since I've been dying to be able to try out SAB!

    Just over 6 months until our honeymoon - I can't wait! :cool1:
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    :)Congrats to you. DH and I didn't have a homeymoon....but he promised to take me to Disney one day (he had been, I hadn't). He kept his promise and took me for our 8th anniversary in 2002. It has been our vacation spot yearly since then. I wish you every happiness in your new life together!!:banana:

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