just booked jetblue for aug


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Apr 11, 2000
I just booked my airfare for our aug trip. I am so nervous. I always think that I did something wrong(like put the wrong dates in etc). I think I got a pretty good price, $700 for the four of us from jfk(new York) to mco.
I hear so many good things about this airline and my dh wants to try it. It costed about $25 more total for going on jet blue but whats $25 when you look at the whole picture. I think the kids (5 & 7)will love the tv on the plane. This is a big seller for us. Now we do not have to bring coloring books, etc to keep them entertained for the 2+hours.
Sorry that I keep rambling on but am very excited and can't get in touch with my dh to tell him that I finally booked it.
Thanks for listening.
Has anyone taken this airline? Will I be as happy as I think I will be?
I have never flown Bluejet but have several friends who have.They loved it and had no problems.Also sounds like a great rate.The big thing that people don't keep in mind flying to Fla is you really want a now stop.Alot of carriers stop over in Atlanta.Coming from the Northeast also I learned my lesson years ago when my connection was not there.Even if it cost you more per ticket look at the savings on your nervous system by just getting on,taking off,and getting off.It's funny that familes will spend thousands of dollars at Disney with the room rates,tickets,food,transportation,but will shop around for months,have one,two or even three stops just to save $20 or $30 dollars on the plane tickets. Booking the room and rental car does you no good if your stuck in Allanta during an ice storm that happened in December.In closing I hear great things about Bluejet,also Southwest,and I love to fly Delta Express. So start early,(months in advance) and just look around. If you get get the time and date you want and a nonstop,just do it.It pays off in the long run. Good luck :pinkbounc
IMHO, anytime you can get a ticket for under $200 from the northern states to MCO is a deal.

I don't know anything personally about JetBlue. They don't service the Mpls area.

Just what I have heard about them in the news they are supposed to have good service.

Have fun,

We took JetBlue in November. They are great. I love the TV's. They even let us keep the headsets if we wanted them. They give you a variety of beverages and snacks to choose from. You can have as much to drink and snack on as you want. We're using them again next month to go to Vermont (only $44 roundtrip). Their entire staff was so polite. JetBlue is the greatest!!

hercamore hit the nail on the head,think about it.$100 one way to MCO from the northeast.It cost that much just for the cab ride to the airport with a tip. Also one thing that you might want to remember or you might want to look for when you get to the airport.Since 9-11 we are all awear of the highten security.And have heard about the long lines. My wife and I have flown three times since 9-11.A total of 12 take off and landings. When we got to the airpoirt each time by bus or cab we noticed all the very long lines. It was always the large carriers,American,US Air,Delta. Good thing for us we flew America West out of Logan and Alaska Air in Seattle.An airline like American that is the largest in the world and have 100s of flights a day out of Logan will always have a hugh check in line.Stay with the small airline and you won't have any problems. Even if it cost more.All the flights we took the most we waited was 30 mins.We had friends waiting two hours leaving from the same airport at the same time.The point I guess I'm trying to make is the biggest and cheepest is not always the best. SShop around but think before you buy and ask around like you have.Good Luck Again :cool:
Don't be nervous about flying Jet Blue. They have a good reputation! I wish they flew out of Newark or LaGuardia, because then I would try them as well. I'm just not crazy about JFK, and it's a trek from our location.

The leather seats, TV's and new planes will be great. Have a good trip!!:)

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We would love to be able to fly on JetBlue from Calif. to Orlando, unfortunately there is like a 10 hour layover in New York to get there!. My next door neighbor is a flight attendant (presently on Maternity leave) for JB. It was started by 2 pilots from another airline, sorry she mentioned which one, but I don't remember. The new planes, leather seats, TV's and customer service sound great! They are expanding their flight schedule out of Oakland, and we can't wait!:)

We loved Jet Blue too! Flew them JFK to MCO last May. No problems at all. We (DH, DW, DS's 7 and 5) are also flying Jet Blue again this August for the 7 day Magic cruise on the 17th. Just booked the tickets on the internet. Total fare for the four of us is $760.00 too! Pretty reasonable, I thought. I think you'll love Jet Blue. Have a great time.


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