Just booked...celebrating the big 30 at WDW!

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    party: I'm going to turn 30 at WDW!!!!! party:

    I'm a teacher and about three weeks ago I realized that we start back to teacher workshops a week later than we have in the past. DH and I had been trying to see if we could work a 3-4 trip out at the beginning of August for our 5 year anniversary, but it just didn't pan out. Suddenly I realized that we could celebrate our anniversary a little last and do it for my birthday! I had been prcing out trips with DVC rental and watching airfare (only crept up a little) for the past 3 weeks. DH said to just book something or I'd regret it if prices went up. Yesterday I posted with my dilemma and one of you fantastic Dis'ers suggested a package with free dining. Since we had been looking at DVC resorts, I hadn't considered looking at a regular package. Low and behold, a package at a value resort was cheaper than all the itineraries I priced! So we book air and a package yesterday. Still can't beleive it! This will be the best present ever! And to be there with DH will make it even more wonderful!

    Thanks for letting me share!
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    :woohoo: :yay: :wave2: Party Time party: :rockband: party: pixiedust:
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    Have Fun! :)

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