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    I know everyone has had good and not so good experiences on some of Disney's Restaurants. These are my opinions and ratings on the one's I visited during our stay last week and it should not take away from anyone not trying them...Enjoy!:)

    Donald's Breakfastsaurus = A+!
    Love this place! The food and character interactions are great! DH received a b-day card and they sang Happy b-day to him.

    Bomas = No thumbs up for this place.(sorry) We had 7:30 dinner ressies on the 21st, waited an hour, our pager never went off. I asked the cm what was going on and they never checked our names in!:sad2: The place was crowded and the food was un-desirable to me for the price.
    The did though give DH a Happy B-day card and a dessert platter which was very nice.

    Be careful when you send you young ones to get dessert, some of them have alchohol in it:eek:

    Crystal Palace = A+! We had ressies for the 22nd(breakfast) but we were able to walk right in for Christmas Day!(dinner):banana:
    Love this place too, the characters and the food.

    Chef Mickey's Ate breakfast on the 24th! It was GREAT! We had Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck and Minnie! We had an 11:40 ressies, best time to go since we didn't feel rushed out. The food was excellent and the character's were great!

    Garden Grill = I specifically told the cm..no catfish. I'm allergic to it. CM returnes with the platter(steak, turkey, veggies, mashed potatos, stuffing AND catfish!) She literally told us, "try it, it's great." Umm, Hello, I'm allergic to it. She re-placed the platter, DS didn't like it, so we asked for chicken tenders and fries for him.
    The place was not crowded(12/27) when we arrived at 11am, I felt we had poor service and the food was also un-desirable to me. "Family Style" restaurants are just not for us.
    I will say, the characters(Mickey, Pluto, Chip n Dale) were great!

    We also tried the "La Cantina De San Angel", right across from Mexico, it was on one of those extra evening hours at Epcot. I will say this, I rate Taco Bell A+ over this place.:sad2:

    All in all we did have an excellent time @ Disney. Unfortunately we didn't get to try Whispering Canyon, though we were staying at WL...maybe next time.

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