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    We made PS before we left for:

    We did one breakfast PS. and that was for Kona Cafe- It was a disaster. The CM who waited on us was very slow and messed up our order then tried to say that it was what we asked for. It was quite a wait to get our coffee and then when he brought the food it wasn't what we ordered and then he brought it back out and said it was ours and I told him if he would just stand still long enough to listen we could have told him what was wrong. He kept running off before I was finished! I got the tonga toast it was good but not worth all that wait.

    Lunch at Germany's Biergarten- We love the food at the buffet and the entertainment.

    Lunch at Sci-Fi Drive in : We always make it a point to eat there. Food was good and I love the Chocolate Shakes!

    Lunch at Rainforest Cafe at AK- Was very good, we like this restaurant.

    Lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Express- the Chicken Cesear Salad was wonderful and We love the vege pizza.

    Dinner at Chef Mickey's - We love this buffet. The food is good, our favorites are the Prime Rib and Peel and Eat Shrimp. Don't forget the mashed potatoes and delicious deserts.

    Dinner at Boma- We were a little disappointed with this one, Was expecting a little more ethnic flair to this restaurant. The food was good and the deserts were wonderful but probably won't go back.

    Dinner at O'hana- Was our very favorite of the stay. So much food and it was all wonderful and the service was great. DH loved this one. It was our first visit to this one. We did the Luau last visit. We will definitly go back to O'hana.

    Dinner at the Sushi and Tempura bar in Japan(I foget the name I think it starts with an M) anyway, this one was another first and DH loved the atmosphere and the food was good, I really liked the sushi appetizer and we had the combo tempura meats and veg. for the entre. Service was wonderful here. We did not have PS and just walked in. I guess the Sushi bar is not as popular.

    One evening for dinner we ate at World Showcase at the Food and Wine Festival booths- my favorites were the Greece booth, the Florida booth and Irelands. We also had a great time ordering from the Italian Desert and Coffee stand they are a trip!! those Italians! I also got a Beaver Tail in Canada yum!!!!
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    Thanks for taking the time to post your reviews! We will also be dining at Ohana, SciFi, and RFC. Only 2 weeks to go!! :teeth:
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    Great info - thanks for posting. I especially appreciate hearing about the sushi in Japan - something on our list to also try on our visit next month.

    Sorry about the Kona experience - similar thing happened to us during our May visit - only our server appeared to speak no English, never even smiled and only after complaining to the 'manager' did we receive what we ordered.It truly soured us on EVER trying this place again - there are too many other wonderful choices.
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    thanks so much for the review. I'm absorbing all I can on OHana's as we will try this one out on our next trip. This seems to be one spot that folks just LOVE--and I know we will to.
    :earsgirl: :earsboy: :earsboy: :earsgirl:
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    Wonderful reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.

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