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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Disney Forever, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. Disney Forever

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    May 21, 2000
    Hi everyone, I just got back from WDW and had to tell you a funny story that happened to me at the Airport.

    Let me first tell you what our plans were. Leave NY on Friday AM and arrive in Miami 10AM, then on Sunday rent a car and drive to WDW and get their by noon, then leave Thursday 7pm by plane from Orlando and get into NY by 10pm.

    NOW let me start my story.

    Me my wife and my 2 sons boarded the plane at 7am, my wife, who flied all her life, has been very nervouse about flying since September 11th. We got on the plane, my wife took her prescribed valuum, and sat waiting for the plane to take off. The plane started driving towards the place where it waits for take-off, and my wife was squeezing my arm so hard I thought I was gonna lose blood. We get to the part where the plane just stops and waits for the OK from the tower to start flying, and my wife starts to have a panic attack and starts screaming, 2 Flight Attendants come over to her and ask her whats wrong and she screams "I cant do it, I cant fly" over and over again. The Flight Attendants then ask my wife if she wants to go back to the terminal and she screams "yes, yes, get me back to the terminal" while the plane was going back, the Pilot makes an announcement and says " a passenger wants to get off the plane, and this is her right, so we will be going back to the terminal".

    After we got off the plane, they gave us back our luggage and my wife told me "lets not just go home, you will be depressed, lets hop go pick up our car and drive there". I have to say, I am so happy I did that. We got to WDW on sunday as planned and we left Thursday afternoon as planned also we made it back on Friday 7pm to our house in NY.

    Just thought this would be a cute story for everyone to hear.
  2. jennymouse

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    Mar 9, 2001
    Wow. I didn't realize they would let you off like that. Bless your wife's heart. I know your story was meant to be cute, but it breaks my heart to hear that those #@$%^!! has made it so people are afraid to fly. Since I can't, please give your wife a hug from me. I'm glad it all worked out okay.
  3. Kallison

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    Nov 15, 1999
    Wow you are a great husband, mine would have thrown a pillow over my face and yelled - keep going! Sorry to hear your wife is afraid to fly. Glad you had a safe and fun trip anyway.

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