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    We arrived early on Thursday the 24th for a 5 night stay at the Poly (Garden View). DH and myself, Mom, DS-16, DS-12, DS-10

    This was our 8th trip. We are a up early and at the parks and back by afternoon for swimming and relaxing....with a couple of night returns to the park.

    Our plans...

    Ohana Breakfast for DH, Me and 2 young DS
    Mom and DS 16 are going to MK for the 830 AM Keys to the Kingdom

    HS for Morning EMH at 8am

    Sunday AK
    EMH in the evening at MK

    Monday Epcot

    We arrived Thursday at 10:19. We waited approximately 15-20 mins for a ME bus to the Poly. Poly was our first stop, followed by GF and Contemporary.

    Check in was a breeze-we did not do online check in as it hadn't worked for us. We had a room only reservation and 4 day Military tickets.

    We were assigned Aotearoa rooms 3210 and 3211 (connecting rooms). Our rooms looked out towards the front at the monorail. It was a quiet building with a short walk to the Volcano Pool and GCH.

    At check in one room was ready, the other was not although it was ready by 1pm.

    We headed to DTD for our 130pm Lunch at T-Rex. My youngest had mentioned wanting to try this and was very excited to hear we were going there.

    The DTD bus came quickly and we had plenty of time to stop at Guest Services and activate our park tickets before lunch.

    We were seated right away at Trex.

    We chose the

    Supersaurus Sampler - Spinach and Pepper Jack Quesa with tortilla chips, Brachiosaurus Bruschetta, T-Rexadillas, and Onion Rings.

    Cheese and Chips were good...but not much of them, Brushetta was good. I didn't care for the Rexadillas, Onion Rings were good.

    I got the Mammoth Mushroom Ravioli - Walk on the wild side with our massive mushroom ravioli simmered in a rich lobster cream sauce with roma tomatoes and fresh spinach...I could have eaten this every day of the trip-it was so good...it reminds me of a dish they had at Tony's several years ago...YUM

    DS had a Bronto Burger-which was good.

    DS12 got the Kids Lasagna...he licked the bowl clean, so I think he liked it.

    DS10 got the Shrimpkens (Popcorn Shrimp and Chicken Tenders)

    DH got the Fish Tacos which I think was on a special menu...he liked them.

    We would do Trex again, it was yummy.

    We did the characters in flight...which was fun...I am not one for heights but enjoyed it as long as I looked out at the horizon and not down. I ended up erasing all these pictures later on that evening...boo.

    We returned to the resort to swim...and settle in...and had dinner at Capt Cooks...I was not impressed.

    I had the Aloha Pork Sandwich....the pork was very vinegary...DH got a burger...and we traded-thats love.

    DS got the Pork Nachos which were decent but not wonderful. DS 16 and DS 12 got the burger.

    Got to bed early for our next day at MK.


    I sent Mom and DS-16 to Capt Cooks for breakfast before they headed to MK for Keys to Kingdom tour. They had no issues. They both enjoyed the tour. They rode Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise and Pirates with lunch at Columbia Harbor house, they were done around 130pm.

    Our morning was 730 AM ADR at Ohanas. We requested the light fare along with the regular fare. Light fare is Chicken sausage, egg whites and stir fry veggies and turkey bacon. The light fare was very good. I enjoyed it. Everything else was good..except the bacon...we noticed Disney's bacon is pretty tasteless now. The Mickey Waffles and Stitch juice were great...we headed out to the monorail and entered the gates at 845 to wait for the opening show. From there we headed to BTMRR...on the list for the two younger boys.

    We got FP for BTMRR and rode 3 times in a row with no wait. From there we went to Tom Sawyer Island so the kids could run through the caves, etc.

    Back to the mainland to BTMRR to use our fp and collect another one.

    We then headed to the Haunted Mansion which my two youngest sons have never been on....they are a little weird...and scared of everything....they claimed they wanted to ride it....they waited until we got into the stretching room and locked up to have a nervous break down. I am sure people thought I made them get on the ride but it was their choice.

    We did take the chicken exit although I tried to explain to them the stretching room is the darkest part of the ride...but they were having none of it.

    We had a quick snack in Liberty Square before heading to Fantasy land.

    PP was already a 40 minute wait
    Skipped Small world
    Walked back past BOG rest....line was already a 40 minute wait at 11ish. We got all the way down to Little Mermaid...40 min wait...FPs for little mermaid are at Philharmagic...so we walked back up there and got FP. Winnie the Pooh was a 40 minute wait. We headed towards Dumbo and Great Goofini...they were both 30 min waits which the boys chose not to do. Walked through the circus tent...and then back towards Little Mermaid.

    On our way back rode Teacups, 10 min wait.

    Winnie the Pooh was down...Little Mermaid is down, told us we could use our FP later in the day.

    Headed to Tomorrowland.

    Boys rode Buzz 2 x, while I got FP for Space Mountain. Road TTA twice and waited on my Mom and DS to meet up with us, their tour was done. We had lunch at the Launching Pad. Hot Dogs.

    DS and DH rode space mountain and then we headed out of the park for pool time.

    We had decided this evening to go to Contempo Cafe for dinner...went out to take the monorail and the resort monorail was down...so we walked to TTC
    to get a bus. The bus of course takes you to Poly, GF and then the Contemp. This would not be our first monorail issue...and when the mono is down at a monorail resort they should compensate with buses but they did not. (FYI for those never stayed at a Monorail resort) they do not have buses to MK and Epcot...only the other 2 parks, water parks and DTD.

    It took us 1 hour to get to Contempo Cafe...and it wasn't as good as we remembered. I had the clam chowder which was kind of gross.

    Resort monorail was up and running by the time we were done with dinner so we headed back to Poly that way. On a side note DH stayed at Poly and had Sushi from Kona Cafe which was excellent and not his last time visiting there.

    Saturday Hollywood Studios. EMH from 8-9am.

    We got up and had a quick breakfast at Capt Cooks headed out and waited for about 10mins on a HS bus. We walked through the gates at HS right at 8am...straight to TSM...wait time posted as 45 mins...everyone got in line I went to fp line....return time was 1030.

    They waited 50 mins for the ride. When they got off I sent DH and DS16 to ride TOT and RnR. Little guys wanted to go play at the HISTK playground. We were to meet back at TSM by 1030.

    DH and DS16 only rode TOT, line for RnR was at 60mins. Met up at TSM...the FP line was all the way to One Mans Dream building, so we skipped it. Did the Legend of Jack Sparrow adventure....it was lame...in the words of my 10 year old. This is money that Disney could have spent somewhere else...like on an attraction people could ride...or a second TSM. After that disappointment, I sent the four of them off to ride Star Tours while I got FP for RnR. Return time was 1230 (at 11am). I waited for awhile until they came...they decided not to ride since we were still 40 mins away from FP time. Wait time was 80 mins, single rider line was closed the whole time we were there.

    We left the park. Our plan was to explore Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness and have lunch there.

    Got to Wilderness Lodge. It is nice, I think we will try it next...the convenience of the Contemp (all in one building) but the quietness of the Poly. We had lunch at Roaring Forks.

    I got a BBQ sandwich which was good...so much better than the Poly's...and their homemade chips. DH got the Walnut something salad which he enjoyed also.

    We then took the bus down and rode around Fort Wilderness. Back up to the Lodge and we took a water taxi to MK and then the other taxi back to the Poly for our afternoon dip.

    We discussed going back to MK that night but instead decided to spend extra time at the pool. We decided to go back to DTD because DS10 wanted to go back to ridemakers...so we did that and ate at Earl of Sandwich.

    It was all good. The line was insane but moved fast. DH had Ultimate BLT. DS16 and the original, DS12 had the turkey club, I had the ham and swiss and DS10 had the PB&J which was the best one he ever ate-according to him.

    We headed back home to bed...and hoped for a better and less busy Sunday at AK.

    AK Sunday January 27

    We headed straight to Everest. 5 minute wait-rode 3 times and got FP for later. Headed to Pizzafari for breakfast. Adults all had the breakfast sandwich, the kids ate danishes.

    At that point I sent DS16 and Mom back to EE. DS 16 was going to use the 6 FP we had.

    DS12 and 10 wanted to go to Conservation Station and Safari. Got FP for Safari before heading to the train for Conservation Station. They were examining a snake. Went out to the petting zoo...all the animals are over humans...they were all in the roped off areas that are no touching...and didn't appear to want to come out with the exception of 1 goat and 3 pigs. We didn't stay long and headed back for our safari.

    We saw many animals, had a very informative guide. DH asked about the Little Red story and was disappointed it is no longer part of the attraction.

    Headed to EE to meet up with the rest of our people, DS had been riding EE non-stop using FP and single rider line. Everytime the time came up my Mom would get 2 more fp for him. Once we met up with them...he had 15 mins until his next ride time...so we let DH and he stay and headed to Dinoland with the little ones. They wanted to play in the boneyard. We also got FP for Primevil Whirl...which was a favorite last year and something both young DS had been looking forward too. Once DH and DS16 met back up with us, the 3 of us walked on to Dinosaur with no line. Once that was over we headed to do PW...but two young sons would not participate...so DS-16, DH and I rode 2x. We then headed to our old faithful Flame Tree BBQ. I had the BBQ sandwich, DH had the ribs/chicken combo. It was all very good...especially my favorite chocolate mousse. We were done with AK and headed back to swim and relax before EMH at MK.

    We headed back to the MK at 7pm. We wanted to get something to eat and do a few things before EMH started at 9pm.

    We ended up going straight to Pirates since we didn't ride it on our MK day. It was walk on. Then onto BTMRR and riding with a 20 minute wait-pretty much walked straight through though and rode while Wishes was going off in the distance. We also got FP whose return time was 9pm. DS16 and I rode HM and walked through Fantasy Land towards Cosmic Rays. I had a chili cheese dog, everyone else had burgers. It was good.

    We ended up spending some time in tomorrowland...riding Buzz and Space Mountain. 20 mins til 11 Space Mountain went down so we went down for one more ride on BTMRR. It was our last ride of the night. We headed out to the Monorail...in years past the Monorail has always been up atleast 1 hour after park closing...they have changed it...it is now 1 hour after normal park closing....the monorail had closed at 10....even though EMH were until 11...so we were told either the water taxi or ferry where our only options. This upset me quite a bit. We stay at a monorail resort for that particular reason...when you are down to 1 option for transportation that is not right....at the very least they should run buses from the MK and Epcot for EMH...which they did not. We ended up taking the ferry to the TTC and walking to the Poly from there.

    Got to bed about 1230 and ready for our last day at Epcot.

    Epcot Monday January 28th.

    We started our morning at Test Track. We got a set of FP and got in the standby line. It moved along pretty quickly. The pre-ride prepartion was fun, the kids enjoyed it....and they enjoyed all the things to do with your little car after the ride. DH thought it was better the other day and feels like the speed part has been scaled back. They all hoped on again while I trekked across the park for Soarin FP. Told them to do Test Track and Mission Space. My goal was to also have a pretzel all to myself before I met back up with them....which I accomplished. I waited about 15-20 mins at Mission Space for them to come off. Next up was Spaceship Earth with a 15 minute wait. None of the guys had ever done this...they enjoyed it and especially liked the part on the end where your picture appears.

    On to Living with the Land, and a Soarin ride with our FP. We walked through Sunshine Seasons but ended up eating at the Electric Umbrella and picking up more FP for Test Track. At Electric Umbrella I had the Mushroom Swiss Burger, it wasn't as good as last year. I also wasn't myself this day. I was tired, cranky, and just blah feeling. Two of the boys had chicken nuggets and DS and DH both had the bacon cheeseburger. DS12 was being a pain in the butt...he gets crabby with little sleep...so we decided it was time for DH and DS12 to return to the poly for some R&R. Meanwhile. DS10 and I headed to UK to begin our first mission. We never did the Kim Possible Missions. I really enjoyed the mission. We got to see a lot of the country, I was spending one on one time with the kid, he was having a great time...a win-win. We did UK and France, before we decided it was time for a caramel snack. He got a caramel apple and I just got the milk-chocolate caramel treat-so good I wish I had one right now. DS16 was touring the World Showcase on his own. We met back up at 330 at Test Track and he and DS10 used the fp we had to ride 4 times. We did some shopping in Mouse Gears and headed out to the Monorail.

    Back at the resort everyone took a dip in the pool...We were able to get a last minute ADR at Kona Cafe. We had sushi for appetizers and they were all delicious. For our entrees-I got the Kona coffee rubbed Pork Chop. It was ok. It was dry, potatos were tasteless and there was a sweet potato with it that was ok. DH got the duck which he really enjoyed. DS16 got the Pan Asian Noodles with Shrimp and didn't care much for it. DS10 got the cheeseburger. DS12 was still being a pain so he ate off my plate. He wanted to go with Granny and watch the fireworks from the beach but was told no.

    Morning of departure, we had a 830Am flight. Our ME bus was to pick up at 540. We got down to check in about 515, got all our bags and boarding passes done. Bus showed up about 555. Then we had to wait on another family running late. From there we went to Boardwalk and Caribbean Beach. On the radio all the buses were running late due to foggy weather...We had an uneventful trip to the airport and said good bye to Orlando once more.

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