Just back from OKW--Excited for Rehab!

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    Aug 28, 2005
    OKW is not my home resort but a favorite of mine for many reasons. Very friendly staff, beautiful grounds, fun pool, spacious villas.

    We just got back from a 4 night stay in a 1 bedroom villa. Our villa was very clean, no musty smell. Lots of natural light let in from the beautiful windows! The room did look "tired" and in desperate need of an update. If this was a house I was buying, I would certainly upgrade the look. The grout was dirty, trim looked warn and the bathrooms looked sterile with no charm. You can't beat the size of the patio but we decided to not eat out there since the table was covered in mold.

    We saw a few buildings blocked by a fence and clearly out of commission for rehab. One building I passed seemed to have new air conditioners but the building was open. Maybe this was a building that the rehab has been completed on--or they are doing the rehab in stages then moving back around to that particular building with another update. You could see the bathroom windows were covered--maybe replacing the glass or to cover the window when work is being done in the bath. I am not sure exactly what is being updated.

    We passed SSR--our home resort--on our way to DTD. I got that nostalgic feeling and was reminded why I love my home resort. Then, a few days later, we ate at Cape May Cafe and I was reminded why I love the Beach Club Villas. I think I love every DVC resort for different reasons. I am sure lots of us feel the same way.

    We had a wonderful stay at OKW and will return in the future but after the rooms are rehabed.


    May 28, 2002
    IM excited too! Dec was our first stay In a 1 bed @ OKW and we loved the size and the amenities! We didn't love the small tv's and the bathroom did need updating. I hope they keep the huge tubs! Just refinish them.

    We will definitely return after the rehab and looking forward to the combination of space and sleeper chair for the boys!!

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