just back from first trip ever!!! Reviews of 9 days of dining plan(day4)

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by Torjohnson, Jul 2, 2006.

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    Apr 22, 2006
    Day 4...Same people involved. It is the magic of those bonuses you add to your ticket...the water parks, disney quest...yeah!!!! Born to rock...in the morning there are clouds(weather system...I heard two things alot. Everyone referring to a weather system...and the word "fastpass" . ) My wife works her snack magic, working Pop for all the intricacies....and we are off.
    Typhoon Lagoon was awesome. That Shark Reef, so cool(and cold). We have actually snorkelled in Hawaii and it was still cool. Fun wave pool, storm slides, family raft, lazy river, crush'n gusher....one fear filled moment was when the heat and stairs set off my asthma and I had a bit of an attack. I could see going to the pearly gates and explaining that I died fake snorkelling at a disney water park.
    We go to our hotel, ham and havarti, baby...flatbread discovery. Even my wife, self proposed "I only eat things I have eaten before...I know, 18 years and I still havent figured it out...is digging the havarti and ham. My son, pig lover extraordinaire, is digging the havarti without the ham.
    Then we are off to Disney Quest. Ok, my son is not a crazy obsessed video boy but when we heard about Cyberspace Mountain we really wanted to do it. Ok, so you design a roller coaster and you ride it virtually. I know this is in the guise of dining...but here is where the pixie dust hits. You get a card, scan it in the console, Bill Nye talks ya through it and you design a coaster and name it.Our name....Cosmic Chariot Then you stand in a line, go to a virtual pod, they scan your card and you ride it....Ok cue the pixie dust. We go up to CM Jeff, he scans the card, there is no cosmic chariot to be found.
    Wow, this never happens, he says. So he let"s us jump the line and design again...We design...go up again, basically fastpassing . We go back to him. No name of our coaster again. So, he says "Ride one of ours, and then go do another one". We do that...and he gives us a brand new card. We make another one, and he allows us to fastpass again, and ride it twice, once with my son and wife, and once with me and my son...and then we finish that, and he gives us a fastpass for the pirates of the carribean virtual ride, which is spectacular. It totally made my night, but wreaked havoc on our reservation at Captain Jacks...all the way across DD. So as the weather system raises it's rainy head we decided to, as a joke, walk to Wolfgang Pucks...
    they seat us immediately.
    Wolfgang Pucks is hip, sort of slow moving, with really top notch food. I had crab cakes, and shrimp and scallop fettucine, My wife ordered the"Zwivelrostbraten " just so she could say "Zwivelrostbraten", the CM said
    ok, but what is that? So much for being cool. A lot of work for steak. My son had a grilled cheese and smiley fries. The food was well done, but the meal was slow. Oh by the way, we always had great service on the dining plan. I don"t think the slowness was because of the dining plan. I think the slowness was to provide leisurely dining. I"m not always so refined, so even though the meal was good, this was not my most cherished dining experience.It felt a little pretentious.
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    Jun 4, 2006
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    Apr 13, 2004
    Thanks for the review! We love Typhoon Lagoon too. :)

    Beth :wave2:
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    Jan 14, 2003
    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Nov 5, 2005
    So fill us in, since you were just there...is there a surcharge at Wolfgang Puck Cafe or not? Some people say yes, if you go over a certain $$ limit, others say no, there is no surcharge.
    I'd like to hear the definitive answer from someone who has been there very recently! :confused3
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    Oct 12, 2004
    good reviews.

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