just back from first trip ever!!! Reviews of 9 days of dining plan(day 8)

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    Apr 22, 2006
    Ahhh, the magic of day 8. Wake up to snacks, pop music and Stacy going on about La Nouba, and we are off to another day of MGM and Epcot. Yes, many people don"t like MGM I guess. but we have taken to it. We are not people who need to have constant action, and we are more than happy with puns like Toluca Legs Turkey Company. They have a villian shop there. I would"ve called it "A Scar is Born". Oh, by the way, I think there is a new movie coming out called Pirates of The Carribean...I"ve seen a few things about it.
    So we are onto Tower of Terror again. It is my favorite ride. And, the one in WDW does things that the Cali one doesn"t do. I'll admit it. It is a more complete experience. Then we do the Sounds Dangerous thing. Maligned, maligned. I thought it was cool. We saw The Walt thing, which was really amazing. I could just live in there. You see I was born in California in 1958, and grew up watching all the disneyland propaganda. Imagine anyone having enough money to have a tv show to sell their amusement park today???
    Then We were onto the Prime Time.
    If there was one place we were excited about,it was the Prime Time. First of all, we wish our house was the Prime Time. My wife,ogling all the 50's kitsch,said "I wish it was in my house". An elderly CM said "Well, don"t bother. It's bolted down". She then proceeded to tell us about all the things that were taken before they were bolted down, and that even after the bolting and luciting someone stole a picture of Perry Como out of the lucite.

    My wife had been dreaming of fried chicken. Her grandmother would fry chicken for snack, which she would call a "snacky". My son and I dutifully washed our hands, smelled them to make sure they were nice and fresh. We sat down in boomer paradise. Unfortunately it was not as abusive as we had expected.(My wife and I were both improv comedians in other life forms) We has Liz, who didn"t want to be called anything but Sister Liz. She was too young to be Aunt Liz, but maybe cousin? Sister Liz made it feel like she should be singing "I Will Follow Him" with Whoopi Goldberg. And she just was nice, and occasionally would throw off some kind of packaged quip. She seemed a little uninspired, though pleasant enough. Meanwhile, the party of thirteen next to us was responding like they were on nitrous oxide . Their CM was a little like a macho Paul Lynde. He would day things like "You want more Soda? Don't you think you"ve had enough? Look there are thirteen of you. You wanna do some math? If you each want extra soda, that"s 26 drinks, and shoot, I am just not doing it."
    Meanwhile, Sister Liz seems to be going off and looking at some developed phrase book."You are a pack of hyenas...see how you are?" And she did a good job of serving us. My son had the hot dog, I had onion rings,chicken pot pie, my wife had a salad and the fried chicken. She loved it,which is what counts. I liked the pot pie. I think it"s sad however that restaurants want to do arty things with pot pie, you know, puff pastry topping with guyere filling and laseur peas, when we ordered pot pie thinking about Swansons.
    For dessert we had sundaes and some toasted marshmallow smore thing that was awesome. I tried not to over eat. It was lunch, and I had a foreboding sense that my son's love for Star Tours would beckon him to riding.
    All in all, the food was great, the environment pleasant..as was sister Liz....but I think I was so excited that it was a slight dissapointment...but what other restaurant would that be the complaint...the server being to nice, I Mean?

    On to Epcot afternoon. We explored The Living Seas, which was awesome. It was day 8 so we just ignored the crush of humanity trying to see the humanized Crush. My son did come up with an idea for a new ride which would be a ride called the line ride. And believe me, I am fine with lines. Actually some of our very fun times have been spent in lines. You talk to people, you talk about life. I don"t find it that bad. But I have noticed that people will line up for anything. "What's this line? Oh twenty people lined up to get a hug from Rafiki". "What's this line? !6 people trying to see a live rabbit". and the spontanaety(sic) is gone. In olden times, you hunted for characters. Now you know, Chicken Little will be outside the Prime Time at 3:30. and the characters won"t stop. If you see them spontaneously, no way. They have a train called consumerism to catch. Timon is late for his 2:45. And they all have bodyguards now.

    We go to the club cool place to taste coke products from other countries. I go for everything. There is one called Beverly from england that is an "apertif style soft drink product" that must translate into "A small cup of bitter". Otherwise the melon soda is yummy, Mozambique being known for their coke products.

    We ride Maelstrom again. My son is into it. I find a hidden mickey. In the mural to the left there is a viking boat. In the boat one of the rowers is wearing Mickey Ears. And then we head to Marrekesh.

    Marrekesh was suggested by my wife, how had been a nanny for a girl, and took the girl to WDW, The girl was one, my wife was part of an entourage, and really didn"t experience much of it. However, she remembered Marrakesh. This is comic. I am easily the most experimental person is our family. My son calls me "The eater of Gopher Snake Dog" . If I had suggested Marrakesh, they probably would"ve gone, but would've given me that "We love you and your three heads " sort of look.
    Well, we all loved Marrakesh. My wife and I had feasts, and my son had Kefta. Kefta translated from the arabic means...hamburger. Grilled meat, puff pastry filled with seafood and chicken, couscous,vegetables, exotic sauces, belly dancing, live music, a CM named Ali, fez wearing male servers...really, what else could you ask for. Another of my top picks. If you are looking for something different, this is it. Oh and I forgot, my dinner was called A night in Casablanca, which sounded like a prom theme to me...and let me praise the beef brewat rolls. Ok, it is seasoned ground beef(kefta), rolled in an eggroll type wrapper, deep fried and then powder sugared. Sounds like gopher snake dog, but my whole family loved them....the food chain works this way. I try it . Run it through the wife filter. If she likes it, then my son knows that it is possible.

    Finally we duck into a small art museum of middle eastern artifacts, and I am again filled with the feeling of immersion...that lovely magical feeling I love about Disney. Away from the mouse ears, and the photoshoot for Puumba, the strains of Frank singing "What is America to Me?" and the beatles cover bands, it is just us three, admiring an ud. It is as though we have actually travelled to Morraco(sic), and not negotiated some bus schedule there. We breath in the solace of this moment, a moment for me as rich and disney-filled as Expedition Everest..we step out into the crowds, and head back to swim in the bowling pin, once again.
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    Apr 13, 2004
    Thanks for another great review! I really like reading them. :)

    Beth popcorn::
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Thanks for the great review!
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    May 5, 2001
    Did ja see the letter from the head of Morrocco which was the first, the very first, country to welcome us and recognize us as the United States? If you go by about 3 pm someone will give you an informative tour of the place. I just love history, it is so old!! :rotfl2:

    Slightly Goofy
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    Jan 23, 2004
    There are many things that come from here in England that make you screw your face up in pain and feel sick.....Tony Blair, my mother-in-law, the England football, sorry soccer, team....... but Beverly is not one of them. It's Italian I think.

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    Jul 4, 2006
    Thank you for the reviews. DH is really looking forward to Marrakesh, but I suspect it is for the entertainment more so than the food.
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    Apr 28, 2001
    Great review thanks
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    Great review! We love 50s PTC, but aren't over the top when it comes to playing along. I hope we get a low-key server and have some fun ones near by. I prefer watching.
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    Sep 1, 2005
    I tell my kids about the "good old days" at Disney World all the time. I really miss that. I grew up in Florida and we started going in the 70's and the characters would just wander around the park. I loved the spontaneity of it! You never knew who you would see or when. And people could just walk up to the character without the lines.

    I have a picture from when I was about 7 (1979) and it is in Fantasyland and it's Snow White and the dwarfs and my sister, brother and I are just talking and goofing around with them, no crowds, no lines, just a pixie dust moment. :wizard:

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