just back from first trip ever!!! Reviews of 9 days of dining plan(day 3 )

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    Apr 22, 2006
    Ok, so we're the same, 2 adults and an eight year old, rockin in the world for the first time. The sun set on our beautiful day at MGM, my son and I swam in the bowling pin at pop(My son, who is, at 8 a brilliant linguist has come up with phrases that you could never understand anywhere else but Disneyworld..one is "let's swim in the bowling pin)
    It is my son's call on parks today. He chooses Animal Kingdom, which no matter how much people say "nahtazu"(read NOT A ZOO), is pretty much a zoo...especially since the induction of expedition Everest, which is so cool, and wins my award for the best line ever. So much to look at...you can ignore a few things, 1) that there are people actually waiting for a ride, and 2) IT IS FINALLY HOTTER THAN HELL, AND SOME KIND OF STORM FRONT IS MOVING IN.(Everyone is clear that this is a weather system, not a typical 12 minute Orlando thing). I will admit here and now that Animal Kingdom got the short shrift of our travels. We rode EE, Kali River, walked through both treks(Loved them, almost like being in another world...my favorite moments of disneyworld lie in the times when the magic takes over, and suddenly you are in those places, and the throngs of anticipation filled ride goers drift away, so it is you and jungle birds.
    and before our fast pass for KS we get sucked into a great african acrobat show...whisked into Harambe and one of those spontaneous Disney moments when you happen to be in the right place at the right time...Then there is a rumbling!!!! Thunder, or stomachs... right now, stomachs, and we go to Tusker House.
    TUSKER HOUSE was great. The counter service work here is so far superior to Disneyland is the speed department. This comes from a man who stood forty five minutes at a counter service meal at California Adventure. I mean at WDW we never waited more than ten minutes, and there are always people to talk to, or observe. My son had Mac and Cheese, and feel in love with those Mickey Goldfish. My wife and I, to begin the consolidation of counter service, split the chicken salad. Thoroughly yummy, and we sat at a beautiful table, shaded by the back of the bar, and next to a disney river...
    a wonderful experience.
    Kilimanjaro Safaris was so much fun.. though audio animatronic little red paled in comparison to the actual animals.

    Rain settled in and we got on a bus to Pop... tok a little break and then were off to one of our anticipated meals, Ohana at the Poly. So, here is another thing I love about Disney World...the transportation. Traveling somewhere by monorail is the coolest. Stopping at other hotels like the Retro...oh, sorry, I mean the Contemporary was so fun. The Polynesian wasn"t quite as Polynesian as we had hoped, but you are dealing with Tiki Freaks here. But we were ready for the Ohana experience.

    OHANA After reading so many scathing reviews about Ohana, and the changes and such, I was a little afraid, and maybe my fears were taken away by bubbly CMs, and Lapu Lapus, but we loved Ohana. You know, things change, that"s the way it goes....but when reviewing this you should look at what there is, not what there isn"t. The shrimp was great, the won ton chips good, the salad and potatoes (especially the potatoes...mmm, ohana potatoes) were amazing!!!! And the meats were great!!!...Yes, the meat CM(skewer princess) was slow with the second set of skewers, but we thought they were excellent.
    and my family had seen a thing about ohana, were ready for pineapple and caramel, but those moments of readiness were ferried away by the wafting currents of Bread Pudding and bananas foster. Ok...eeeek. That was one freakishly good dessert.
    DAY 3 to come soon
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    Nov 13, 2003
    A very entertaining review - can't wait for the rest! We also enjoyed 'Ohana immensely, those potatoes are absolutely amazing.

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    Jun 18, 2004
    I'm still :rotfl: from your review!! We are a group of 3 also, dd is 9 tho!! lol

    Great wisdom put forth concerning Ohana.... dont bemoan what's not there - review what is!! (with that being said, am I the only one with sticky fingers due to how they present the shrimp? I mean I'll eat shrimp anyway anyhow - bubba gump style!! lol but maybe make the sauce a dipping sauce to save my fingers??? :teeth:

    HOpe to be able to find the rest of your reviews!
  5. tinkerbeth

    tinkerbeth Goin' back soon!!

    Apr 13, 2004
    Thanks for the reviews! We love Ohana too. We're hoping to try it for breakfast for the first time. DS4 doesn't want to go back for supper b/c in March, he stubbed his toe on a coconut! ;) I might convince him otherwise.

    Beth :wave2:
  6. studentmom

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    Jan 13, 2005
    Great trip report, I love your writing style. Can't wait to read the rest of it.

    By the way, we're from the west coast, too! We'll be making our first trip to the world in Sept. :)
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    Jan 14, 2003
    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.

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