Just back from Disney Dream 2/2-2/5


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Oct 20, 2009
Hi my2disneyboys! Thanks for the review - it's very balanced and I think it's really important for cruisers to know about the crowd issue.

We were first-time cruisers last August. We sound like your family - we love Disney and decided to try a cruise. Part of the reason is that we thought the Alaska cruise would be an ideal mix of something new and something Disney, but we needed to give it all a trial run before committing to the 7-night for 2012. The best way for us to do that was to book the 3-night to see how it went. It was crowded, but we also had a great time and we think the Wonder 7-night to Alaska will be different in a good way.

Here's what helped us on the Dream:

1) The verandah. Loved it! Necessary for me because I get claustrophobic, but a lovely place to escape the crowds.

2) Late boarding. We took DCL transfers from BWI and arrived late, as expected. We walked right onto the ship after a quick check-in and straight to our room. Yay! We walked up to Deck 11 just to check out the craziness, laughed, snapped a photo of our boys laughing and then left that deck ASAP!

3) Early mornings at the pool. We arrived at the pool around 7:30 or 7:45am both mornings and it was EMPTY. We were literally the only family in the pool and in the hot tub for a good long time two mornings in a row. Our ship was packed, arrived in Nassau late and didn't stop at CC, so there were lots of people around and on board - they just weren't awake yet! I have photos of our youngest in the Mickey pool all by himself. We lined up for the Aquaduck at 8:55am and were the first family on the ride. By 10am, we were done with our swimming for the day (and with most of Deck 11, for that matter!)

4) The stairs. From the beginning, we planned on taking the stairs always. And that's what we did - so I didn't get frustrated with the elevator crowds.

5) WDW at the beginning and the end. We started our vacation with two nights BWI CL and ended with one night BC CL. That way, if there was something we didn't like about the cruise, it wasn't our whole vacation. And we really enjoyed the cruise, but loved our time at the resorts before and after.

6) Great servers and a quick breakfast on the last morning. We arrived at breakfast a few minutes early, told our servers we would like to eat quickly and it worked! Super fast breakfast, then lined up and walked right off the ship - all very fast and easy.

We don't plan to book another 3-night cruise in the future, but this was perfect for our purposes last year. Really looking forward to the Wonder in August!!!



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