Just back from Animal Kingdom Lodge Nov 6-9th

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Got Quattro?, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Got Quattro?

    Got Quattro? DIS Veteran

    Oct 9, 2004
    Signed up for standard view, was given Savanah view free without being asked ir having to ask, so that was nice. We were on the sunset savanah, very very far from lobby, but did not mind it al all. Saw many giraff, impala, ostrich. and other all the time. 3 year old daughter loved it.

    hadf a great meal at Bomo...and food at the Mara was very good for what it was.

    Bus service was great, longest wait was a 17 minute waut to get from MGM to AKL mid day Monday.

    Overall I would rate this resort behind Yacht and Beach club, but before contemp and poly.
  2. MinnieFan4ever

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    Mar 8, 2003
    Looks like you had some major pixie dust with your upgrade.

    My husband and I stayed there for a long weekend last year and just loved it! I'm glad you did too.

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