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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by DisneyIll, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Oct 24, 2011
    Just returned from a 5 night stay at ASMo. I was nervous because we normally stay at CBR or WL.Stayed at Pop Century once and vowed never again. But after much number crunching, decided to try this resort.When I booked all that was available was prefered rooms. We got Toy Story 3rd floor.I was hoping to be in a room with more foot traffic as we decorated our window with gem gels and colored lights for Halloween. Personally, if I stay here another time, I don't feel the prefered room is necessary. The resort is actually very compact and I would guess even the furthest room is no more than a 5- 7 minute walk to the food court or bus line.
    Our room was ready when we arrived at about noon on Sunday the 28th. We were assigned room 9930 in the Toy Story section facing trees.I was actually impressed with the housekeeping and maintenance here. My room was very clean. I feel the housekeeping here was top notch and much better than my room at BC in May.The paint was not chipped and the bathroom had no evidence of mold. The BC had both of these issues and when I told them at checkout at the BC all I got was a cold silence.The light outside between our room and 9929 was burnt out . I told the mousekeeper when we were leaving for the day and when we returned the light was fixed.The mousekeepig staff was very friendly and always said hello in passing and asked how we were.The fridge was nice and big and kept our drinks pretty cold.
    The food court was always a madhouse. We did not eat here. But did buy mugs and purchased a pizza that we took back to our room for a late night snack. I think this may the best meal deal on property.We had 3 adults and each had 2 large pieces.
    We only went to the Fantasia pool . It was not crowded but I could see in the summer months that it would get pretty crowded.They had an activities director there every afternoon and played games. We are 3 adults so did not partake but enjoyed watching the little ones who were having a great time. I also did laundry one afternoon. This is right off the pool deck area. Cost is 2 dollars to wash and 2 dollars to dry.$1.25 for soap and dryer sheets.Each cycle is 30 minutes and if you do not overload this is plenty of time.I did take some things back and hung them up over hangers to finish drying, but I do this at home to so clothes don't shrink.
    Now to my biggest pet peeve of this resort and for the most part all of WDW, the transportation. I am glad I had a car because the bus system here is very sloooooowwwwwwww.It was an hour and a half to get to MK. I know it is the luck of the draw. I must be pretty unlucky because after 1 trip on the buses, we decided driving was the way to go.I feel sorry for anyone that has to rely on the buses for the entire trip because it was painful.
    All in all we would definately stay here again if we need to watch our money and not ask for a prefered room because there was no real benefit that I could see.Next time up for us is WL March 2013
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    Jun 6, 2010
    Thanks for the review, DisneyIll! :) Researching this resort for a possible stay next spring. How were the beds? My wife and I don't handle hard mattresses well, so prefer dream-type mattresses if possible.
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    Glad your time at All Stars Movies was magical :tinker:

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