Just back from 8 nights at AKL...Lost child story and other info....


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Jan 18, 2001
Hi there!

We just returned last night from a fabulous trip!! We arrived in Orlando at 3pm on Friday the 8th... Had Tiffany Towncar Limosuine service to the resort with a short stop at the grocery store... Our limo driver was Don and he was excellent and a really cool limo (black, stocked with pop and water, and Atlantis on DVD!!)

AKL is wonderful!! I can't say enough... We originally wanted to try Boma's once but ate there THREE times!! YUMMY!

We brought our babysitter (bad choice of sitter - always moody, depressed, blah, blah, blah...) BUT it allowed my DH and I to spend a few hours in the lobby at the beautiful fireplace slowly sipping daquiries!! Best Strawberry Daq's I have ever had!

Mara Foodcourt was nice, but I wish it had a few more selections... the kids got tired of pizza (their chicken strips DO NOT COMPARE to Buffalo Chicken Fingers so the kids didn't like them).

Pool was excellent, warm even on our coolish days... Hottubs were great!! Playground was clean and fun.

On Valentines Day we lost our 20 month old dd for the LONGEST 15 minutes of my life!! She was watching the tv in the lobby with my other two children (3 and 5), my DH, babysitter and me. Somehow she got up with out any of us seeing her and wandered off. I checked the immediate surroundings and then notified a CM. They got their system working and it STILL took them 15 minutes to locate her... I was of course a crying wreck, thinking she was gone for good. They even checked out by the bus stop!! That was scary! There are so many pools, waterfalls and rivers in the lobby alone that she could have fallen into! They finally found her way, way down the KUDU trail, a housekeeper found her wandering around down there... When we were reunited, what a scene!! If it hadn't been me, I would have cried watching it!! Needless to say, I didn't let her go for a long, long time!!

Other than that... the trip was great... we didn't let the moody babysitter ruin it for us... And I made sure she wasn't in any of my pictures :D !!

If you have any questions, please let them fly... I will answer all of them to the best of my recollection!


AKL 2/8 - 2/16
WL (2003 or 2005) Depending on when I can get my DH back there again!! :rolleyes:
I know that feeling zakatak. That happened to me once while clothes shopping with my DD who was 4 at the time.

I'm glad everything worked out for the best for you and that you had a great trip.
Oh that is so scary! Im so glad all worked out well in the end and you did have a great trip.

Its amazing how fast those little ones can be. When we stayed at ASMO, we were getting in the elevator and there was a little girl(2-3yrs) riding in it alone!:eek: We didnt know what to do. Luckily we found her older sisters (probably 5 & 7) who should have been watching her I guess. They were dressed in the same clothes so we knew they were family.
First of all, I think all parents have lost a kid at one time of another. The clock never moves more slowly, does it, as your mind is racing in 1000 directions!

Were you at AKL for your entire trip? My sis just returned from a trip there, and ended up switching to Dixie Landings after the first day. They found the CMs completely unhelpful, and didn't like the food choices. Did you have a problem with either of these?

What kind of room did you have (or how many), and how much time did you spend around your room, and around the resort in general?

GLad you had a great trip!

I'm so glad it all worked out with your daughter! My DD got off the lazt river rafting ride at Typhoon lagoon a few years back. My DS & DH got ahead of her she got mad and decided to find me (I had left our chairs to go to restroom). We had a very long 15-20minutes while the CM's/lifeguards helped us track her down. She was 5 at the time and had turned herself in to a worker at a food stand. Scares the you-know-what right out of you! Sorry it had to happen to you!

We stayed the entire 8 nights. We loved it... We found the CM's to be extremely helpful... for instance, I went down to the front desk one morning to ask a question about our room or something and ended up talking about the parks and character dining. I mentioned that we couldn't get any time for CRT (Cinderella's Royal Table) for their character breakfast so she checked every day that we were there!! Unfortunately, they were packed!! I even checked every morning we were at MK, just to see if they had no shows and we had no luck...:( But I thought it was nice that she tried for me!!

Every one I talked to at the front desk or on the phone was very nice and helpful, especially the CM's who helped with my missing dd. After I went up to our room (5432 - a deluxe room with pool view), they asked my DH twice (who was still downstairs with my other children) if I was going to be alright!!

I would recommend this resort to anyone who wants something a little different than the Marriot... As far as food goes, Mara Foodcourt had basic food such as pizza (it was good!), ceasar salad pizza, sweet rolls, bagels, breakfast foods, shrimp platters, chicken platters, salads, yougurt, etc...

Boma had a great Buffet but you need to be open to food choices... If you are looking for burgers and fries, they do have a "kid station", but the rest of the stations have interesting, yummy foods like Flank steak, pork tenderlion, Mahi Mahi, Roasted Vegetables in Balsamic Vinegrette, cous cous, 4 soups (very good!), desserts to "die for, Simba"... We really enjoyed it, but we love different foods, especially vegetarian food choices...

We didn't try Jiko.

Any other questions?

zakatak-- I can only image how you felt.. I know how I would of been in that situation.. ( and it wouldn't of been pretty)

Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

So glad to hear that you loved AKL. I think it is a graet resort. So glad to hear little one is okay. Same thing happened to me a few years ago at DXL pool. A CM helped me find her and yes more than just me was crying.
I've had two occasions to notice toddlers walking alone, both times near pools. The first mom was really nice, could hear her calling her son's name as we were headed toward a lifeguard.

The second mom looked at me as though I was trying to steal the kid; she loses him and then makes me feel like dirt. Pitifully, it's a scary feeling when you overhear parents saying, "SHE had him by the hand, leading him!" Yeah, to a lifeguard, asking, "Does anyone here look like Mommy?" I'd probably do it again but the situation did make me pause and think. Fortunately, some other guy had been present and actually, we had kind of "found" the kid at the same time.
I'm glad the situation with your DD ended up well. I can't imagine how terrified you must have been.

I once found a toddler from parents who weren't too concerned. She was wondering around FW, and I finally found her parents' site a <i>far</i> way away from our site. When I handed her to them, the dad just looked at her and said, "Don't get lost," and then got back to his card game and beer. I wanted to bring her back with me. :rolleyes:
I can remember several panic moments when my kids were small! Whenever I see someone who has lost a little one I start crying too, usually I help organize the search. Glad you found her and everything was ok! That babysitter sounds like a pill, who can be moody at WDW?
Glad you had a great time! Sorry about your little one!

What type of room did you have? I'm thinking about getting 2 standard rooms, do you have any suggestions on room locations?


I am sure glad that you found your DD. I have not lost my kids yet, but I have helped a few people find thiers. I always stop what ever I am doing to help. It makes me want to cry when we find them. I think you should take me as a babysitter on your next trip :D I don't pout.
for your nice reply to my questions. I have always wanted to stay at AKL, but since my sister's bad experience, I felt nervous. I think I will chalk up her experience to that funny bad luck that can strike anywhere!

One more question: was all of your party in one room? How did you sleep it? we are me, DH, DD (age 10), dd (age 7), and ds (age 2 -- our own "zakatak!!"). Can you fit 5 in the room?

Thanks for all the info!

We had 5 and a baby (20 mo old). The AKL has deluxe rooms which hold 5. Here is what we had plus how we slept...

1 queen bed (me & dh)
1 set bunk beds (5 & 3 year old)
1 day bed (13 year old moody sitter)
1 pack & play supplied as crib (20 mo old)

we slept 6!

Now, keep in mind that we were originally staying at POR at the Alligator Bayou section until we received the call on Dec. 20th to move us to a deluxe pool view room at AKL. We were paying $103/night with code CQR at POR and they honored that price for AKL!! Normal rack rate for deluxe pool view is $330/night. We made out like bandits!

We did like AKL so much that we are planning on going back in June 2003 for 7 days and hoping to get a rate of under $275/night for a deluxe (either code or AP discount). No moody babysitter, though, as she was fired as of yesterday!:D

Anything else? I love AKL :bounce:

and that it will be perfect for us! We're not bringing any moody babysitter tho, we have our own moody 10yo!

Did you spend lots of time hanging out at the resort?

Yes & no, since we had the sitter, my dh & I went downstairs every night after the kids were in bed and had drinks in front of the fireplace, or at the lounge, or we had dinner at Boma. Each day they had things planned, like the Flamingo feeding, pelican feeding, Junior Researcher (my 5 yo ds did this and loved it), Lodge tour (missed it :mad: ), Cookie decorating at Boma (1pm), plus they have Simba's Club for kids 4 and up (which is basically babysitting - they charge per hour).

We were at the resort most evenings just because my kids couldn't take the long days at the park so we came back, had dinner, swam (they loved the pool and hot tubs!!), basically ran around, listened to the African Storyteller (6:30pm) and went to bed around 8pm. We were in bed by 10pm!! Kids can sure tire you out!

My favorite part of the resort was the fireplace in the lobby. Even though it was in the lobby, it is sort of set way back on the right (facing out the back) and you would never know you were with other people!! So quiet, and warm!!

The resort is beautiful if you appreciate artwork and wood!! Everything is amazing! Handcarved furniture! There is a little area in the lobby with cartoons for kids (spent many a early morning (3am) there with my 20 month old who for some reason decided that it was time to get up!).

That's all I can type right now... 20 month old... crying.



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