Just back, dreams saw and we got a small one

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  1. princesscj

    princesscj Mouseketeer

    Jan 30, 2006
    Just being at Disney was a dream for me! :cool1:

    But, we just returned and saw several dream fast passes being worn (but there we no lines, so they were pretty much wasted), saw a family with the dream Mickey ears on, and we had a mini dream. No big deal, but I was like you just got a dream!! We were "trick or treating" at MNSSHP and the other family we were with, the dad was dressed as Jack Sparrow. The "dream squad" walked up to him and said "Where is your candy?" They said "wait here", he wasn't "trick or treating", and they walked back to the station and filled a bag full of candy for him and gave it to him. He thought it was cool, but I think I though it was cooler, cause I knew what was really happenning.
  2. 2giddy4wdw

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    Nov 14, 2005
    any little bit of magic helps!!! glad you had a good time!!!

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