just back BWV


DIS Veteran
May 24, 2001
We just got back from a 2BR at BWV's. The room was a great locations (4072,4074) right near the elevators overlooking the main pool. They are doing major construction by the quiet pool and it didn't look like they were renting any of those rooms. There was scaffolding everywhere. The crowds were low but I thought they were about the same as previous years at that time. My FIl and son went to MVMCP on Tuesday night and walked onto everything and could just stay on for another ride. They got everything done in a few hours.

We stayed in either that unit or an adjacent one in May of 2000 (room #s were 407x) and we got regular phone calls/hang-ups which I discovered was due to the fact that guests were attempting to make local calls but were using the 407 area code which ended up ringing our room.
We did get a few calls where there was a fax or no one was there. I always take the phone off the hook at night so it doesn't wake anyone.



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