just back akl..very long any ?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by leanne11, Sep 28, 2003.

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    Oct 7, 2001
    disney email-rate of $108.we were upgraded. to savannah.zebra trail (didn't see 1 Zebra) didn't think we would like it but fell in love with it had a great time. things i loved..great big pool open 24 hours, felt like a island resort good for those late nt. swims after the parks. liked mara, close, filled up our mugs and then relaxed by the pool. bugs were bad, these little black bugs mating all over,by the pool while your laying down, eating, walking, on the bus just everywhere. what was bad was they were on the outside sliding door on the balcony and when you opened the door they jumped to the inside window and now they were inside your room, how about some kind of screen door, akl? also how about some fabric softner...i know they wash alot of towels but these things will rip your skin off.and if you have a little sunburn like my son forget it..the pool towels are just as bad as the room towels. very crowded checked-in midnight on a Friday, bellman said they are all from Florida and will be gone on Monday, crowded all week. loved 192 just down the street got cheap eats, cheap gifts. didn't like...Simbas club..needs alot of work, when i walked in i showed my son the animals right outside the window and they promptly closed all the drapes. it's just a little room with a tv and some crayons none of the kids were talking or laughing i didn't hear anything. some very crotchety old people working there the one lady sat on a stool when i dropped my son off and i swear she was still there 3 hrs later when i picked my son up. they couldn't tell me if he ate (out of a styrofoam platter) or what he did in the entire time he was there, i also told them they spelled my son's name wrong and they didn't seem to care and called him the wrong name all night.if you are looking for just a babysitter than this is ok. but compared to the poly neverland club it's the pit's that's it..
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    Jul 3, 2003
    gosh - if I hadn't read about 50 glowing reports of this resort, I'd be worried about my trip next week. Sorry you were so disappointed.
  3. Mike Jones

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    Jun 23, 2003
    We always find towels that have had fabric conditioner treatment are not absorbent, and consequently not a lot of use as towels!

    Sorry you had a bad time... better luck next?
  4. Selket

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    Feb 28, 2000
    I'm guessing overall you had a great time at AKL? Sounds like the major disappointment was with Simba's club. We were there in August and also loved the resort but we didn't try Simba's.

    Did you eat at Boma's? We really loved that too. I didn't have any problems with the towels...more problems with housekeeping BRINGING the towels. More than once we didn't get our room cleaned and ended up using pool towels (cause they didn't bring ones requested). Seemed like no matter when we came back to the room for a break in the afternoon, that was when housekeeping would come and pass us by. However we did manage to eventually get our room cleaned every day. :p

    I would definitely go back!
  5. disobsessed

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    Apr 15, 2003
    We are also just back from AKL and also used Simba's cubhouse. The funny thing is that my kids absolutely loved it. They both ate dinner, and made several crafts annd played games while they were there. Actually, they both asked to go back, although we didn't have time this trip. They both said the people working there were very nice.

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