Just a word of warning kids Cause I love you all so much (really)

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    Jul 15, 2001
    As the September pin event approaches let me give you all this little bit of warning and some advice.

    We all are going to be doing the I conquered the world pin map which unfortunately has us going all over the place property wide. Most of you will try Disney transportation… Well good luck and be prepared to do the map in no less than 5 to 7 hours. Trust me we did it, not that Disney transportation is bad its actually quite good, it just that some of the places like the Sports Café are not that easy to reach.

    Most will rent vehicles or just use their own cars; this is where I say my story. I t was late one afternoon, I was done early and decided to go driving all over creation to get my map stamped, along with 2 billion other pin traders, lost tourists, vacationers, and just plain folks out for a Friday drive on Disney property.

    At about 4:00pm a tour bus not a Disney bus, cut me off and sent me flying into the grass, well that caused me to ponder this little thought, as the buss cut me off… no big deal mind you since I'm a well trained driving in Orlando with 100's of senior citizens every day type driver… anyway right after I was cut off, I looked down at my lanyard then I looked up at my wheel and saw those dreaded words "This vehicle equipped with Driver side airbag" And I thought to myself if this air bag were ever to deploy, me with my dreaded pointy pin locks would now become one with the universe, I would have several holes in my chest. Not to mention what will happen to my pins???? So I stopped and removed those little missiles and proceeded to my next map location.

    So before you go out take these little tips from Ed.

    1 If you are driving around take your lanyard off. Nobody will ask to see your pins while you are driving… Well I did once but this is me we are talking about.

    2 Secure your lanyard, pin bags, and pins those things can become missiles very easily.

    3 If you going out to do the maps, get together with other folks and form a sort of pin map carpool, that way you are not stuck looking for a parking place and getting frustrated, have a buddy take your map, and explain to the stamp person that the owner stayed with the car, they understand and will stamp it.

    4 Take along lots of water, its been getting very hot, we have a lot of hot broken water fountains around that will make you sick, and sometimes its hard to find water period.

    5 if you choose to ignore my advise carry a little note to make sure your lanyards and pin bags are given to me, I'll make sure to evenly distribute them with all your pin buddies that way, you'll always be remembered. :p

    6 Put your pin bags in the trunk not out in the open sitting on the seats, it may be a bit to tempting to some bad apples out there that know who we are, and what this things are worth.

    7 Don't carry your pins around with you; some of these places are a good walk away from your car.

    8 plan your day some places close earlier than others, like Animal Kingdom, and the Sports Café.

    9 Most important one of them all, wear your seat belt, don't even think hey I'm in Disney World what could go wrong, most of the people here are on vacation, hot, and don't have a clue where they are going.

    10 Also important if not the most important, if you plan to party, pick a designated non drinker to be the driver, and I will always be available to drive anybody that wants to party around the parks, I get high on the company and friends I keep. But hey buying the DD a coke every now and then isn't bad either.

    Anybody have any other ideas out there? Post them here; remember I'm rooting for ya we're all in this together.


    These are just my suggestions, and are in no way associated with anybody else, #5 is a joke get real kids. Don't drink and drive.
  2. GotAnyPins

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    Jul 22, 2001
    And everyone knows I hate to compliment Raul...it just gives him a big head..but he is dead on here..

    We just spent the week end doing the pin pursuit, and even though it was fun, I think I lost 10 lbs. just in water loss..(that is nice talk for sweating my butt off)

    A hat helps too..
  3. goofymom/pop

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    Jan 2, 2001
    my chest is hurting just thinking about the pins and the airbag..... I promise to obey all the rules posted;)

  4. Mickey527

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    Feb 1, 2000
    I hope they have plenty of maps. I want one.
    I will have a big car so if anyone wants to take the drive with me we can figure out when it will be a good time to get away for a while.
    U am arriving on Sept 17th and will be staying till the 28th. We just extended our trip for 3 more days, my boss is going to kill me. lol.
    But wait, OUr pal Raul has done the map. He found it so much fun that I think we should just assign him that task. everyone who wants an "I Conquered the World" map sign below and Raul will go running all over WDW and get them for us. He's such a great guy...... Peggie
  5. chef's wife

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    Oct 24, 2001
    :smooth: :tongue: :smooth: :tongue: :smooth: :tongue: :smooth:
    Remember; wear clean Speedos in case you are in an accident and have to be taken to Disney General!!!! Grass generally does not produce brown skid marks so don't try to say you were thrown from the car and you slid on your bottom on the grass!!!!
    A big group can always jack a Disney bus and make the driver stop at all the stamp stops, I'm sure if we took up a collection they'd be happy to do that for us!
    I never let Michelle drink and drive, she always spills her cosmo, pink does not look good on tan seat cover or leather!
    Ed, you should be writing manuals for the National Highway Safety Institute, if such an organization exists. If not, keep writing those steamy romance novels, I just can't put those down once I get going.....if you know what I mean!!!!!
    Manny.....not the Wench

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