June or October for Disney cruise?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by pacomom, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. pacomom

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    May 2, 2009
    We are trying to decide what month would be best for our next Disney Cruise. This will be our fourth. We cruised last in October and thought the weather was awesome, if a bit cloudy/windy on a couple days. However, it was hurricane season and plans were a bit up in the air for a few days beforehand (I obsessed over the Weather channel). Would like to avoid that again if possible. Plus, we would be taking our two kids out of school for a week. However, aren't the prices usually lower in October?

    June would be nice as it is just before hurricane season and kids wouldn't miss school. But I believe it's a bit more expensive and the ships would probably be more crowded. We have never cruised that time of year before.

    Any advice? Thank you so much in advance! This board is amazing :)
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    Jul 13, 2010
    Hurricane season in the Atlantic basin starts Jun 1 and ends Nov 30.
    I have seen tropical storms in the Atlantic basin as early as Mother's Day weekend in May.
    Yes, prices are generally lower in Oct than Jun and from what I understand if you are thinking of the Dream for this year, it is sold out for June.
    You pay your money and takes your chances! (NOTE: you might want to plan on including insurance for the trip)
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    We've been on 3 October cruises and the weather was good to great for all of them. We're taking our first June cruise this year on the Dream as the kids no longer get a week long fall break like they used too. :( June should be nice and the prices not too terrible if you go in early June, however this year you might run into availability issues if you're looking to book the Dream.

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    If price is an issue, cruises are less expensive in august and the first two weeks of september. Dont let hurricanes dictate your plans. Even if there is a storm you will have a great time. we always sail in august or late july.
    enjoy. also weather is a hobby of mine. Weather channel hypes up evertything for ratings. Here is a great site to track weather without the hype

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    If you plan to take your kids out of school for a week, why limit your choices to just 2 months? :confused3
    Any time schools are in session, prices are lower. If you don't want the stress of hurricane season, cruise between Dec. 1 and June 1st. Personally, I like late March/early April. Nothing like feeling some warm sun after a brutal winter. :cloud9: Early May in Orlando is great weather too. High 80s but not too humid yet.
    Pick a week that's not Easter/Spring break and the prices will be more reasonable. I wouldn't count on hot temps Jan thru mid March unless your cruising the Caribbean. The Bahamas are right off the coast of FL and can be chilly in the winter.

    Good luck!:goodvibes

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