June Grad nights....any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by minniecarousel, Jan 8, 2012.

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    A little sarcasm here, we own at GCH & booked for this June way back last July, smart, huh? NOPE! Now we find out that there will be 3 Grad Nights in the 5 days/4 nights that we're there. They now allow the teens to have access to both Parks ALL DAY + their all night party! I can't even find out how late the Parks will be open for us on those days.

    Grad "Nights" done this way could make the Parks very crowded, and over-run with teens during the day. I'm sure that I won't find a 2 bedroom unit for another time this summer. Not sure I want to give up & book the Disneyland Hotel for another time.

    Any suggestions? Is this a new way of doing Grad Niight? Will it be really bad during the day? Will the Parks close early? It just doesn't seem fair to have so many Grad Nights in one week. We're booked at the end of these parties, so could go the next week, except for our accomodations issue.

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    Here is some info on grad nights:

    "The Scoop on Grad Nights at DLR in May and June" www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2298400

    You are right to be concerned but it probably will not be as bleak as you are fearing. In general grads will stay until 3AM and will not lilkely be there at 8AM that day. They will likely come in the afternoon or evening.

    My advice until we see how this new format goes is:

    - make sure, for sure that you get an early start on days with grad nights
    - nights with grad nights are better times for night time entertainment like F! and WOC and fireworks.
    - In general lean all your entertainment (Aladdin, Parades) to grad night days and your rides towards non-grad night days.


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