June 9th Magic: Thursday

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    Mar 16, 2001
    Gosh, I really am trying to get through the whole week of trip reports as quickly as I can. Seems I write quite a bit. Also, with DD & DS home for summer break, we have been having too much fun to be on the computer as much as I usually am. So here is the next report...

    After having an awesome Wednesday at St. John, St. Thomas and Palo's for dinner, we slept in a bit on Thursday. Since it was the morning for the 5-7 year olds to make FLUBBER in the Club, we didn't sleep too late though. BTW, we still have flubber in our 'frig! Once DD & DS were off to the club, DH went to work out and play basketball. I started packing up some things so i wouldn't be rushed to do so the next day after CC. I also went shopping again. Today Captain Hans was signing purchases from noon to 1 pm. I bought a model of the ship but forgot to bring along the items I bought earlier in the week. Oh well! The line was not very very long at all. Only 3 or 4 people in front of me. They had lots of stuff for him to sign though. I also got a trading card of the Captain for DD and DS. Captain Hans wrote their names on their cards and signed them. Great souvenier! Lunch was the seafood buffet at Topsiders. I thought it was pretty good, not spectacular, but good all the same. A few of the shrimp were "fishy". Funny, DH and I both thought the best thing was a cold tortellini salad with chopped onions, marinated with a balsamic vinegar dressing. (Maybe that was on Monday's buffet, I don't remember now). Anyway, we have attempted to recreate this salad a home with pretty decent success. DD and DS could have seen the Disney Dreams matinee show at 3:15 with the Club, and I wanted to see it with them. I got them out of the club and we arrived at the theater about 2:55. We got seats in the first row of the upper section, in the middle area. I thought we had great seats until I realized the rail behind the last row of seats in the lower section was at their eye level. So, if you have young ones, don't sit in that row. It worked out okay as they just sat up on their knees. I just wouldn't pick that row again. For Hercules and Who Wants To Be A Mouseketeer, we sat in the very middle of row W (almost in the very back) and the view was good from there; better than where we were for Dsiney Dreams, at least for a kid. CaliforniaMom's DD-6 sat with us too. My DD and her DD had lots of fun together all week! We miss you! DH did not go to Disney Dreams (GASP!). I told him he did not want to miss it. Since he liked the other 2 shows we saw, i was surprised he wanted to go to Pearl Harbor at 3:30 instead. "You can see that at home" I told him. His vacation though too. Now, although i enjoy Disney movies, etc., I would not call myself a hardcore Disney fan. But I REALLY enjoyed the show. I felt the performance was spectacular. All the kids like it very much as well. DO NOT MISS IT!

    Sometime during this day, DD & DS went swimming with CaliforniaMom's DD. My DD convinced CM's DD to give the Mickey Slide a try. She loved it. Even though the Mickey pool was pretty full, DD & DS still enjoyed themselves and never complained. I am glad I told them ahead of time what to expect. Also, I never noticed too many chairs being "saved" for hours without an appearance by anyone. The only area that seemed to have chair saving going on at all was the area right next to the pools. Even there, it didn't appear to be a big problem. I was always able to find a choice of spots. Since DD & DS are good swimmers, it wasn't important for me to be at the pools' edge. My suggestion would be for everyone with a similar situation to let the parents of tots or not-so-good-swimmers have those seats. The rest of us can lounge elsewhere nearby or on Deck 10. Just my opinion is all; please do not take offense anyone!

    Later, DD & DS wanted to eat dinner with the Club. So while they were gone and DH was still at the movie, I relaxed in a jacuzzi at the Quiet Cove area from 5:30 to 6:30. Heavenly! There were only a handful of people in the area at this time. Met some nice folks from TX and a friendly guy from IL. Ooh, did he have a sunburn though. Ouch!

    It was the 2nd formal (semi-formal according to the Navigator) night. We were eating in AP. DH & I thought it was fun to get dressed up one more time. The meal was the best all week ( except for Palo's) IMO. The lobster was delicious. Our server ordered a double serving for everyone. We also ordered the beef tenderloin with bernaise sauce to accompany our lobster. I was so full! Had just enough room for the Chocolate Lava Cake. It was a close second behind the chocolate souffle at Palo's.

    Tomorrow would be the long anticipated Castaway Cay Day. I had seen the weather on CNN. I knew we would have excellent conditions since once -Tropical -Storm- Allison had moved off the Carolina coastline, pulling all the moisture with her away from us! Couldn't wait to be there! :bounce:
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    I must say, I have read lots of trip reports over the last few months, and yours are wonderful, if not the best! Maybe it's because some of your experiences paralleled ours and its nice to read a well written account of our trip! I want to do it again! I liked your report of your tour on St. Thomas - that is my one regret, that we only did Magen's Bay and no real tour with photo opps on St. Thomas. Part of the reason was limited planning on purpose, vacation mode, family limitations, etc. But I'll have to keep your trip reports handy for next time! I have some cute pictures of our kids together. As soon as I get my act together after a major downer medical situation over the last few weeks, I will get copies made and send them to you. I'll email you about the medical thing; everything OK now. Can't wait to relive Castaway Cay!
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    Have loved your report so far. Can't wait to hear about Castaway Cay Day. this makes me wish that March 2002 was closer, can't wait till then for the "magic" to begin.

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