June 10th cruise day 4

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    Jul 3, 2000
    Sorry it took so long, but here is Day 4 in a nut shell. Day 4 was at sea, and we slept in and got a buffet breakfast at Beach blanket. We put the kids in the "clubs" for the day as they wanted to go. We went back to the room and sat out on the vernadah, and read our books, or should I say watch the ocean, or BOTH! We really enjoyed the down time, and enjoying the time away from the kids, if just for a little while. We then went to eat lunch at Beach Blanket and then went back to the room and went swimming for a while, then went back to the room to take a nap! I know, should have done something else like go to a movie, etc, but was just tired. We then missed the kids "show" they did, as we slept right past it! We then got ready for out night out at Palo. We checked on the kids, and then went to Palo at 6:30 ressies. WHAT A PLACE, and WHAT SERVICE! GO TO PALO! We had the best service of the entire ship here, and it was great, a view of the ocean, great food, and great service. It was worth the extra money to go here. We finished at 8:30, and then went out for the evening, and finished shopping, getting liquor at the store on board. We then got the kids at 10:00, loaded our luggage outside the cabin and went to sleep late that night, sat out on the vernadah, and stayed up till 1am watching the ocean. We saw dolphins outside our vernadah, and got this on video, just like Titanic the Movie, a school of dolphins outside next to the ship at midnignt or so. Totally cool!
    We then got up the next morning and ate breakfast, and got off the ship right after that. Easiest disembarking I have ever done in 3 cruises!!
    As Disney Darwin said, it was easy, after breakfast, go find a porter, get your luggage and you are out of there.
    We left the port at 8:45am, and said goodbye to the best vacation we ever had!
    TIPS-Get a vernadah if possible, it is nice
    Get to the cruise terminal early and board.
    Get off to CC early and pick a good spot next to the ocean.
    Snorkel early as it gets murky later on.
    Go to Palos, it is worth it.
    Hope you enjoyed the report

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