July - Reviews including Le Cellier, Chefs de France, Alfredos, 50'sPT and MORE!!!

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    Okay, so here it is, my dining review for the trip

    Liberty Tree Tavern (Dinner) in MK

    The strawberry vinaigrette dressing on that salad was to DIE for. All of the meats were good too. The stuffing and mashed potatoes were excellent. I’m not much of a mac n cheese girl, but they were good. You will find that this was a trend with me on vacation, but I stuffed myself silly with this food. This was definitely one of my favorite meals of the trip. :thumbsup2 Oh yeah, and the apple cobbler…scrumptious!

    Pizza Planet (Lunch) in MGM

    Nothing to get excited about. Just a mediocre pizza counter service.

    50’s Prime Time Café (Lunch) in MGM

    I had the meatloaf and it tasted like Spam to me. Granted, I ate all of it, but let’s just say I’ve had much better meatloaf. :confused3 Mom’s pot roast was absolutely delicious. I had a malt for dessert and it was good too, but nothing to get excited about. The atmosphere is much different than from when it first opened. The CMs just don’t get into it like they used to.

    Flame Tree BBQ (Dinner) in AK

    The seasoned fries are SO GOOD!!!!! :lovestruc I had the ribs and they were a little tough, but very tasty. Mom and dad had the pork and beef sandwiches and they seemed to enjoy them. But my goodness, the fries and the onion rings are absolutely to die for. We went back to Flame Tree later in our trip. It was also a fairly quick and easy to get to CS. Plus. If you go behind the building where you order your food, there are little pavilions situated on the lake that overlook the rest of the park. It was very cool to have a meal there. When we had this one, it was right around sunset and it was very pretty, especially with Everest in the background… :sunny:

    Alfredo’s (Lunch) in EPCOT

    Ah. I enjoyed this meal. It was very relaxing and full of cute waiters. :love: I had the Tagliolini and I thought it was very good. Now, I know people look at the photos of the food here on the Dis and say “My, those portion sizes look small.” But I’m telling you…I could barely finish…And that says a lot because I eat like Pumba. The dishes are deep, so it doesn’t look like much. Looks can be deceiving. And it was very good. We also had the sampler dessert, which was very good. The tiramisu was excellent, but my favorite was the chocolate cheesecake. Very very very good!!

    Le Cellier (Dinner) at EPCOT

    Mmmmmmm. We split two bowls (among the 4 of us) of the Cheese Soup that I had heard so much about. It was pretty good too! The pretzel bread was so good that we asked for more and even had some wrapped for the hotel! Hahaha. I had the Herb Crusted Prime Rib. It was very good. Nice and tender, very juicy. I wanted to try the ice wine here because I had heard so much about it, but you couldn’t buy it by the glass, and the bottle was very pricey. I almost wished I had tried the Salmon instead of the Rib, just because it looked so good too! Mmmm. I don’t think you can go wrong here.

    The Plaza (Lunch) in MK

    I think everyone got a cheeseburger for this meal. They’re just so darn tasty here! I think mom got the Club…I don’t remember. I’m sure she’ll attest to all of this later on! (She’s ShannonP on the board). My sister and I also got milkshakes here….oh man oh man. They were SO GOOD!

    Chefs de France (Dinner) in EPCOT

    Overall, it was good food but nothing to get excited about. The restaurant was beautiful, but we were definitely packed in there like sardines. We got a bowl of the onion soup and the lobster bisque to pass around the table. Personally, I liked the onion soup better, but they were both very good. I had the half rotisserie chicken with basil mashed potatoes. The potatoes were okay and the chicken was pretty good. Our waiter was great. My sister had on a beret we purchased earlier in the trip and when he first arrived at the table he saw the hat and said, “Ah I like you already!” Hahahaha. :rotfl: And again, all of the food was very good and the atmosphere was great, I just enjoyed other restaurants better than this one.

    Tony’s Town Square (Lunch) in MK

    We had a very late lunch here in order to catch the main street parade and we did! We got to Tony’s about a half hour early and requested a window seat. We were able to get a great (and air conditioned :teeth: ) view of the parade. The food is okay, though I wouldn’t put the pasta up against Alfredo’s. I got the chicken parmigana and it was mediocre. I should have gotten a Panini (and I was…I just didn’t). Dad, however, got the Grilled Italian Panini and it was so good! I wish we could have gone back just so I could have had one all to myself! My sister had the Chicken Parmigana Hero and it was a lot of food for her, but she said it was good.

    Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café (Dinner) in MK

    Hahahaha. It’s become a tradition to eat here every Disney vacation, and thus we did. We all just got simple cheeseburgers, but it’s always a favorite meal for me. I just love that Ray! :wizard:

    Man, we ate a lot on this vacation…I probably should have walked back to New Orleans instead of sat in the car! I need to get rid of all that vacation weight hahaha

    Also, See mom's reviews of the trip!!!
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Thanks for the reviews fellow Tiger Fan!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the reviews! We are eating at a lot of the same places in September.
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    Enjoyed the review

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