July 26...who's coming with me???


Insane Mom
May 4, 2000
Hi all..
We just booked our 2nd Magic Cruise and can't wait!! It will be me, hubby, dd (12) and ds (7). I would love to find out who will be joining us and see if there are any kids similiar ages.

Hope to hear from ya'll soon!
We are going at the same time as you and your family---nice to meet up with you!

We are me (compulsive travel planner!) DH, DD 12, DS 9, and DD 6 at time of cruise.

My 12 year old daughter has posted here before looking for simlarly-aged girls cruising at the same time---she would be thrilled to chit-chat with your daughter, and hopefully make a friend to hook up with once on the cruise. Let us know if interested! Will your daughter be in the 10-12 yr old group or will be jump up to Common Grounds by time of cruise?

Excited to hear of others cruising at the same time!!
Hi Penny...

I would love for our daughters to chat!! I haven't decided where I was going to place her. I would like to keep her in the 10-12 area but not if she is going to be unhappy. Have you dedided what you're doing. My email is MBFergie@aol.com so you don't have to post the girls emails on the boards.

I to am an major planner, my DH is a wing-it kind of guy. Have you guys decided on any excursions...we are still debating over them.

Hope to hear from you soon.

S. Florida:smooth: :Pinkbounc :smooth: :bounce: :smooth:

Hi also to you, Marie!

I will have my daughter email yours (her name is Allison) as soon as I get off here. She's quite excited about it! She doesn't turn 13 until the middle of Sept. so she will have to stay with the 10-12 yr. old group. Actually, I think this isn't a bad idea, as I'm not sure how she'd fit in with 17, 18 yr olds. She is in the 7th grade (middle school here in Nebraska). Many posters here have said this age group often just "hangs out" with others they meet on the first night at the clubs and then don't spend a great deal of time in the clubs. How old was your daughter during your 1st DCL cruise? Did she enjoy the clubs? How about your son?

Which itinerary were you on before? For excursions--I am still debating. On St. Thomas we're thinking seriously about Coral World and either snuba or "Sea Trekking" there, along with Coki Beach for swimming. Also maybe the Paradise Tram. Will likely do these on our own and combine with some sightseeing & shopping.

For St. Martin--still wondering what to do in addition to shopping for tropical wear. Probably take in a beach but trying to avoid Orient beach and others with much nudity. Also not sure if we want to rent a car. Really thinking about doing parasailing with DD & DS but not sure if should wait & do on Castaway Cay? Any thoughts/experiences you can share?

Sorry this got so long--any others out there with ideas, chime right in!!!
Oh yeah, 1 last thing-----we are DRIVING from Nebraska! :eek:
Hey all...

Our first DC was on the Magic but it was only 3 days (Bahamas)back in May 2000. My daughter was 9 and son was 4. They liked the children's programs but we didn't leave them in there for too long. Just certain time periods when something fun was going on and then after dinner. We had the late seating and loved it!! We went to the early shows, got food from room service for their dinner and then they sat at the table with us and had their dessert when we ate our appetizers. After they ate that I ran them to the kid's program and ate the rest of my dinner. The servers were great about it!! They had the best chicken tenders and manicotti thru room service!!!

We haven't made any decisions on excursions yet. I think in St. Thomas we will go some sort of snorkeling in the morning and then shop and check out beaches in afternoon. I really want to go parasailing with my daughter at Castaway Cay! and maybe get a massage out there too.

So MagicMousketers tell us more about you guys. :earseek: :earseek:

Hello everyone!!
We are going also..me, DH, DS 14 & DD 12. Glad to hear that my daughter will have some playmates. Although she's not the one I worry about...She's a social butterfly!!! My son, on the other hand, is a bit shy and reserved. This is the first time that they will not be in the same program. I hope he is able to connect with some kids his age. I don't really think that I like the idea of the teen program not broken up into different age groups. 13 year olds and 17 year olds can be on much different maturity levels. Anybody coming in earlier and staying at the Radisson?
Cool! So are we...Have you stayed there before? Looking for a place to eat that night...
I was thinking about looking into some golf courses on st. marteen for hubby to play. Has anybody heard of any? Any other men interested in golfing while on vacation. I figure if he gets his 4-5 hours to golf...I get some more time in the spa to relax!!
Is anyone else on late dining? We originally had a cruise booked for December but needed to change it and we booked this July one only a week ago. So main dining was filled.
Glad to hear from so many of us on board at the same time---very excited here and hope our kids can make some friends for a memorable trip!

MBFergie Sorry--no golfers here!

KerriL When we booked last Jan., we were wait-listed for early seating. Don't know yet if this happened as we booked through a TA so I cannot access our ressies w/DCL. Now I have read a lot about benefits of late seating so I'm not sure I want to be moved to early?!!

Still deciding on Radisson the night before---probably will decide and book this weekend if not too late already!!

:D :rolleyes:
KerriL- No, we have never stayed at the Radisson before. This is our first DCL cruise. I don't know where we will be eating that night as we will be coming from Disney World.
I am thinking that we just may keep the late dining. Maybe people with older kids tend to choose this sitting. I actually prefer it, but DH doesn't. Like that matters!! I have planned this whole trip..he just shows up!
DWborn2shop..thanks...I have a friend who just recommended a place called The Beachcomber. We may check it out.
It just means that it brings the thread topic back up to the top.
Glad to see you joining the rest of us!


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