Jdads2 Feb trip day 2


Squirrelly as all heck
Jan 2, 2001
Cast: jdads2 … me loving husband, planner and maybe somewhat over planner….the one, when we get WDW, is most likely to say: “what do you want to do” instead of following the itinerary

DWofjdads2 … my lovely and patient wife.

Day 2:

Up & outta the room by about 9:00am and walked over to my sisters room at All Star Sports for breakfast. Out of their room by 10am and drove to MGM. We headed straight over to ToT and got a FP for 1 hr later because the wait was 20 minutes. Then we headed over to RnR. Rode it twice, had time for a third but decided to get coffee and drinks instead. By this time, 50 minutes had gone by so we headed over to ToT. Because we were 10 minutes early to use the FP, we hung out & finished our beverages, then we got on ToT.

It was time for my sister to leave to head back home (about 11:45am) so Jackie & I headed over to Epcot. We made sure to stop at the new AP lounge (VERY, VERY NICE!!). It’s a really great place to sit & relax, get some coffee or pop, let the kids relax by watching a movie or coloring, and using a private bathroom (ooooooooohhhhh!)

Bought my lanyard!!! You pin people are BAD people! What have you done to me??!!?? I started collecting the pins with Mickey on a strip of film and the year. The last 7 of the 101 released for the Millennium. I just like the way they look. More on that later.

Stopped to see O’Canada. It was ok, nothing great. By this time, we decided to have some lunch, so we headed to Morocco. We ate at Tangierine Café. Lunch was excellent, complete with a delicious dessert from the cart outside.

After lunch was Voices of America. Got me all teary eyed… unfortunately we didn’t catch the whole act. Then saw the American Adventure & Jackie caught a quick snooze. Something about lack of light & reclining in any kind of seat whatsoever, puts her right out!

We continued around the world, checked out the clocks in Germany, the next spare $2,700.00 I have and the big cuckoo clock is mine! And then we hit Malestrom in Norway. Of course the whole way, we were trading pins with the CM’s. What a great way of meeting them!

It was about 5:00 and we had PS’s for Boma at 6:00pm. The bus took 35 minutes just to pick us up, so by the time we got to AKL, it was almost 6pm. The first CM we ran into, we asked for directions to Boma. He got a very sad/confused look on his face and let us know that Boma wasn’t at AKL, but at AK. I must have looked REALLY annoyed and upset and disappointed, (because I was). I swear I made sure that Boma was at AKL because I wanted to see what AKL looked like.

Before we sadly left for AK, the CM called us back saying “Dave, Jackie – I want to show you something very exciting. It is my favorite part of AKL.” (we were, of course, wearing our guest of honor badges.) Feeling rather exasperated & not wanting to be rude, I figured, what the heck… we were already late. He led us thru the “back roads” to the elevators, took us down a floor telling us how exciting this place he was taking us is, takes us around the corner and… low & behold… there’s Boma! My DW was forced to give him a punch on the arm! The three of us stood there laughing while everyone watched us.

Boma: WOW! 64 different items and I only got to try 62… there wasn’t any more room for the last 2! Our server, Victor, was excellent. Once again, I’ll go into more detail on the Restaurant board. I’ll just say this… the Zebra Dome was very good but the banana bread pudding with vanilla sauce was outstanding.

After dinner, we checked out the grounds & lobby… again, WOW! We were both completely amazed. The only thing that stopped us from making reservations for our next trip (Sept-Oct) was the concern over transportation.

Next, we waddled to Epcot for Illuminations again. They had already moved the AP viewing area from the previous nights location, since the first area had already become too small. It’s still located in Italy, next to the bridge.

Another great day.
What a terrible joke for that CM to play on you,hehehe.;)

I love when the CM's play tricks on people, especially when it's not us!!
You have to admit, that was a good one:D

What a great Boma experience!!

Had to laugh at Jackie falling asleep at American adventure, love it too, but don't think I have ever seen the whole thing all at once! Such a super place to nap without going back to the room!

Heading back to view the rest of the reports!!!

Thanks for posting!!
You actually believed the CM who told you Boma was at AK? ;) :D Wish I could have seen the look on your face!


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