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    Dec 18, 2007
    I have a family of 5: me, hubby, 2 boys 17 and 15 and a girl 11. We went to Disneyworld on free dining in Sept 08. We did not visit Universal at all that trip. They are all HUGE Harry Potter fans, plus the boys are bigger and like the rollercoasters now. Last time I planned my trip a year in advance or more. Grin.. now oldest wants to do this as his senior trip. So we are looking at going sometime between 3rd or 4th of January and leaving the 11th or 12th. Part of that may be seeing family in Tampa, or they might come up and join us.

    A place to stay is no trouble. My mom owns a timeshare and they have these getaways and I've checked and I can get a 2 bedroom for 627 a week.

    I'm just clueless about tickets/strategies for Universal. I'm thinking we might go to Disney some as well, though I'm not sure.

    I went with my mom and sis in 2009 in the 3rd week of January and the place was absolutely deserted!!! But Harry Potter wasn't open either.

    So, any thoughts about what the plan should be?
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    It may be crowded at the beginning of your trip but it will be pretty quiet once the kids have headed back to school. I would hit the park sunday/monday and beyond. HP will be calm then as well.

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