January Trip- Best Trip Ever! Day 2


Earning My Ears
May 29, 2000
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DH- Age 27 Indulges my Disney obsession
Me- Age 27 Disney Nut
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Day 2: MK and Epcot

We didn't get to sleep until 1:30 am, so when the children next door woke me at 8:00 istead of 6:30 I was grateful. They must have had a late night too! I rolled out of bed around 8:23 and we both got ready for an exciting day. We took the monorail to MK and did the Haunted Mansion first. It was really chilly- it was sunny, but in the low 60's and when the wind blew I had goosebumps. DH bought me a really cute Disney cardigan, and a new Disney watch (a tradition).

We had a wonderful, leisurely morning at the Magic Kingdom. We walked right on every ride except POOH, which we grabbed fastpasses for and shopped until the passes were ready, so it was no big deal. I know it was silly for us to ride POOH because we don't have any kids, but it was really cute! We left around 2:00, and although I was really wanting an afternoon nap before Epcot, DH was anxious to get there. He thought we wouldn't have time to see everything since we had dinner reservations too.

We hopped on the resort monorail because I wanted to get off and check out the contemporary. We have never stayed there, and I wanted to see it, check out the pool etc. I wasn't really that excited when we were there. Sorry, to anybody who is a Comtemporary fan. I think everyone has their favorites. I like the Poly and the GF so much better. I'm glad we stopped there though.

When we got to Epcot, I was tired and my feet were killing me. I was really dumb to wear new shoes, and although they were cute, they didn't have good arch support. I was even more crabby when we went to the Living Seas, and we realized that they have cut out the entire ride! Now it is only an aquarium, and there wasn't even anything particularly exciting to look at! In the past we have seen dolphins and sharks. There were only fish, and not really anthing exotic or particularly colorful. Sorry to be grouchy about this, but we always liked the Living Seas so much.

I was in a much better mood after "Honey I shrunk the audience." We got a really cute digital picture taken for free at the Xerox kiosk at Innoventions for free. We had fun on Ellen's energy adventure and Cranium Command always makes us laugh. We had a great dinner at San Angel Inn in Mexico, and did both the Mexico ride and the Maelstrom ride. I always like both of these, even if they are a little cheesy. I like that they are boat rides. We walked around all the countries in the dark (so beautiful all lit up) and I finaly tried the famous Beaver Tail. I got maple and chocolate. I thought t was ok. DH thought it was great.

We skipped Illuminations (We've seen it 7 times now) to head home to the Polynesian and relax. We watched the Electrical Water Pagaent from the hotel beach. That is one great perk of staying at the Magic Kingdom resorts. We went down and got snacks from Cook's and just relaxed in the room. DH actually went to play video games at the arcade and I read my book on the patio. It's so neat at the Poly at night. The tiki toches add such a special touch. I'm glad I made sure to take time to sit out on the patio. We were very concious the whole trip to make the most of our time, but to not overdo it and be exhausted. I fell asleep around 10:30, happy and excited for tomorrow at Animal Kingdom.
A nice day you had. Sorry to hear your feet were hurting though. Thanks for posting!


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