January Heatwave: Days 5

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    May 11, 2000
    Cast of Characters:

    Tamie - 25, Disney addict and obsessive planner.

    Joe - 25 Husband of above addict. A wonderful man who said "I suppose" when his wife said how about Disney World again for our next vacation?".

    Trip overview: Friday, January 26th through Saturday, February 3rd 2001 1st night - All Star Sports, remaining night Dixie Landings. Sunshine Getaway package - which means we get breakfast of our choice every morning.

    Day 5 - Wednesday, Jan. 31st

    We got to sleep in a little today and woke up at 8:30. Joe wasn’t really feeling well this morning but he decided he was probably just hungry so off we went. Since a lot of our PS’s weren’t until 9:30 or 10:00, I had packed 2 boxes of granola bars for us to munch on until breakfast. That plan worked out well for us.

    We made it MGM just in time for our 10:00 PS at Hollywood and Vine. Minnie was standing by the door posing for pictures and we noticed Goofy, Chip & Dale, and Pluto wandering around the restaurant.

    This was another traditional breakfast buffet with that infamous chocolate french toast. I liked the french toast, but Joe just thought it was ok (he’s not really a chocolate person). I snuck over to the kiddie section of the buffet and found some Mickey waffles with hot strawberries, wow, those are so good. We also liked the salmon with bagels.

    After breakfast we finished up some stuff that we didn’t have time to do on our first day. We saw the Indiana Jones show which we had missed last year and Joe did Rockin’ Roller coaster again, he loved that ride.

    At about 2:30 we left MGM and took a nice nap in our room and watched some TV until 5:00. We changed our clothes and headed back to MGM to take in Fantasmic. We thought Fantasmic was a lot of fun even though Joe thought the pre-show comedians were pretty goofy. We had no dinner plans and so I suggested we try Beaches and Cream at the Boardwalk since I had heard so much about it on the DIS.

    It was nice to head straight for the boat after Fantasmic and not deal with the buses. We got off the boat at the Swan/Dolphin stop and just walked to the Beach Club. Actually, we walked to the Boardwalk first because I couldn’t remember which resort Beaches & Cream was at (hanging my head in shame). After a lap around the backside of the Beach Club (not intentionally) we finally arrived at the restaurant. I fully expected to have to wait to get in here but we were seated right away.

    The restaurant began to fill up after Magic Kingdom closed so we arrived at a very good time. Joe and I each ordered a hamburger, Joe had his with cheese. I got a pop and Joe a lemonade. We just couldn’t pass on ice cream and decided to share the No Way Jose. Neither one of us likes chocolate ice cream so we requested this sundae with all vanilla. I don’t think we were able to finish the sundae and we slowly waddled out of here and made our way to the buses.

    We needed to walk off some ice cream so we did some shopping in Downtown Disney and headed back to our room by 11:30.

    Bank Account Damage Housekeeping tip $3.00, Caramel Apple and Choc. covered pretzel $4.00, Beaches and Cream $32.00

    Day 6 - Thursday, Feb. 1st

    Today was early entry at Magic Kingdom. It is so fun to have Mickey wake you up. The first day we did this, Joe answered the phone, he was about to hang up and I told him to listen to it, he thought that was pretty cute.

    We arrived at Magic Kingdom as they were counting down the seconds to opening. Early entry is great! We rode Snow White, Pooh, the Carousel, Astro Orbitor and Alien Encounter before 9:00. We were the only 2 people on the Carousel.

    At 9:00 we followed the CMs into frontierland and Joe rode BTMR. He was a little dissapointed with it, simply because he didn’t know what to expect. I should have told him that it was a tame rollercoaster.

    Lion King and Hall of Presidents were closed for renovations while were were there.

    We had a 9:35 PS for breakfast at the castle so we headed over to that. They were running 30 minutes behind so we had to wait awhile. The fairy godmother was not in her chair this morning so everyone was taking turns sitting in it and getting their picture taken. Finally the royal Kyes family was seated in a perfect spot right in front of the window.

    We saw Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, Jasmine, Belle, and Alice at breakfast. This is a pre-plated breakfast with cream cheese french toast (very sweet), eggs (really good), fruit, sausage, and bread. The atmosphere is well worth the wait.

    We walked around tomorrowland for awhile until it got a little warmer and then we went back to Splash Mountain. Now keep in mind I don’t like any ride that drops or goes in circles too fast. Everyone on the DIS had convinced me that I could do Splash Mountain though, they said the ride makes up for the drop and the drop is over very quickly.

    I was so nervous to go on this ride, especially with everyone screaming as they go down the drop. Well I did it and was miserable. It’s not the drop that gets you (although I wasn’t a big fan of it), it’s the anticipation of the drop. There are the 2 smaller drops in the ride and I got really nervous and held on for dear life because I thought they were the “big one”. When I realized the small drops weren’t it I was so worked up I was near tears and shaking like a leaf. But I did it! We had to buy the picture so I had proof that I was on it since I may never go on it again. The photo is the most embarrasing thing ever though, my mouth is open and I am screaming. My dear husband next to me is the complete opposite, his arms are up in the air and he has a big smile on his face.

    After my near death experience ;) we stopped and got a treat in the Main Street Bakery to eat in our room later. Joe got an apple turnover and I got a slice of chocolate cake (yum). We spotted Pinocchio as we were leaving MK and he wanted some of my cake.

    We relaxed and napped back in our room. We took the bus to Epcot at 5:00 and walked over to the Boardwalk for our 6:00 PS at Flying Fish Cafe.

    I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. We orderd the peeky toe crab cakes, Joe ordered the oyster soup, and we shared the grilled salmon. I had a drink and Joe just had water. The waiter was very attentive without being overbearing. We finished our meal with the banana napoleon. I think this was Joe’s favorite meal just because of the dessert. The dessert is a crisp phyllo dough with vanilla creme brule, bananas and warm caramel, it is absolutely wonderful.

    After we were done with dinner we walked back to Epcot and grabbed a spot for the 8:10 TON. My husband is not a big parade guy, but he thought this parade was really cool. I love the music.

    After TON was over we moved locations for Illuminations. I thought this was wonderful too, very moving.

    We were in bed by 10:00 tonight. Besides my tramatic experience on Splash Mountain I must say that this was one of my favorite days.

    Damage for The Day Tip for housekeeping $3.00, Treats from bakery $6.00, Beavertail $3.50, Flying Fish $69.00

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    Aug 19, 1999
    Tamie, I feel EXACTLY the same way about Splash Mountain! The little "dips" before the BIG DROP had me pretty worried. I have no desire to go on Splash Mountain again!
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  4. tkyes

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    May 11, 2000

    [​IMG] <center><font color=maroon>"A dream is a wish your heart makes."</font></center>
  5. Beanie

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    May 15, 2000
    LOL...Splash Mountain is one of my favorite rides!! I am not too fond of the drop however either, but still like it...I agree about BTMR...it is a tame ride...lol...thanks for posting!! :)

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    Jan 23, 2001
    Tamie, My wife (26 y/o) reacts to Splash Mountain the same way you do. She hates drops and get's herself all worked up as the ride goes (and thru the little drops) that she's quivering and moaning by the time we hit the biggie. After 2 or 3 times on it in the past 10 years, she say's she's never doing it again. This makes me sad because I love it, but it's tough to justify a wait that long for a ride that only one of us will ride, so I'll probably never do it again either. Oh well, maybe some day we'll have kids who are old enough and I'll take them.
  7. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Another couple fun filled days for all. Thanks for posting!

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